Sunday, August 21, 2011

Finishing the dress

Okay, I take back what I said about yesterday and the dress. I actually decided to go back to it and finish it for today's finish it up project. In order to do that I had to be honest with myself with where this dress went wrong, the sleeves. They were an afterthought as I was making it, but when I added them, the dress took a turn for the worse. It took it from a cute little sailor dress to Ronald McDonald doing Navy drag. So as much as I hated to do it, I had to take the whole thing apart and removed those darn sleeves. With that done I made the dress sleeveless, like I originally planned, then set about sewing everything back up again. Luckily I didn't run into any major issues with it. If I had I would have thrown it back into the box so it could languish. I had a little snafu when trying to figure out how to close it in the back on the top, but using a hook and eye I made something that works. I also added a snap at the bottom. After that I finished it up like usual. There were so many spare threads to snip, so many. I also added a red bow in front. I like it much better now that before, those sleeves were seriously a mess. Charlotte's wearing it now (that's her in the picture), but she's not going to wear it for that long. Even though I like it better, I'm still not thrilled with it. But at least I finished it, that's good.Other than that, a quiet Sunday around here. I just spent the day reading. I've finally gotten tired of buying books then not reading them. So today I started reading that book about Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. It's so juicy! I think that I'm going to have to take reading breaks more often. I certainly have the book pile to work on!

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