Thursday, August 25, 2011

Going shopping and being bad

Today was supposed to be the second day of my back to writing plan, but I didn't follow through. I'm still stuck where I stopped last time, plus I way overslept today. I managed to fall back asleep and crash for another hour and a half this morning. I'm not too bothered with that since I'm still trying to catch back up on my sleep from before. Usually when I fall back asleep for so long, I need it.
So I was a bit late getting a start this morning. And when I was ready to actually get started on my day I got invited to go shopping again... which is not good. I made a comment about being good until Tuesday when I'll have earned Skipper. And was told that if I wanted to I could get her today. You really don't have to know that I eagerly took that deal. I couldn't pass that up even if I wanted to. So I went out again. We were picking up a few things that we had missed on yesterday's shopping trip. We even managed to visit the other second hand stores that we had missed the other day. Yesterday when visiting one, I managed to avoid getting anything, today I was not so lucky. At the Salvation Army, I found this jewelry box. Usually I see these often and am able to pass them by since they usually read more as jewelry boxes than doll furniture, but this one was really nice. And it had legs, making it more Barbie's height than others. I just really liked it, and had to have it, even though I'm really not a Barbie furniture kind of guy. The most I use are the chairs that Charlotte sits on on the bookshelf. But this was different, it was just too nice to pass up, even though I have no place or idea where to put it. Plus it was only two dollars. Can't beat that for price for Barbie furniture. I've been rubbing it with walnuts to get rid of the marks in it, and it's looking good. It has three drawers, the little one on top is perfect for Barbie shoes, as long at they're not too tall. I also bought another cameo when out. This is half of a pair of earrings, which is fine since I only need one. But I shouldn't have to pay 49 cents for half a pair of earring, should be less. But I still bought it because it's better scale than the one I bought before, plus it's another one. It's also a bit better quality than the pin I bought last time. Now I'm going to have to actually go and make something to go along with these cameos. Is it time to start designing a dress? (The earring is the one on the bottom, the pin is on top)
So with these two things that's all I bought. Because we ran out of time, and was unable to go get Skipper before we had to go get my brother from school. Which was upsetting but not life-threatening. I will survive, even if it means I have to wait. Ick!
I was able to get to my finish it up project, another simple fix. This is a modified version of the dress that I got on my second Marie Osmond doll. I ended up changing the skirt, making it a fitted one before I quit last time. The bodice is the same way that I got it originally. It's still an ugly heavy fabric. So today I finished off the neckline (with the tulle), then added the snap, and finished up the back seam. Rather ugly dress, so it's going into the bag of stuff for the dolls I'm going to redress. It is not something I'd use for my collection. (and yes, that sounded as snobby as I meant it!)

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