Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Going Shopping and being good

More shopping today. I really go out a lot don't I? I try to be good and decline going, but I keep getting asked over and over again and I cave and go anyway. It was pretty late in the day when we went out, so we only ended up hitting one second hand store. But with going to one store, I didn't manage to find anything I wanted. And I was fine with that, I was actually pleased with myself. I can go out and not buy something, and not be a whiny brat. It's good to know that's possible.
I was far more bratty later in the day. I found a dress online that I liked, one that I wanted to make specifically for Sweet Sixteen. Who is still stuck wearing underwear over on the bookshelf. It was a bit different than what I've done before, but I could use several patterns that I've used before, adapting them to fit my needs. So I tried it, and let's just say it was a HUGE failure. Just dreadful, no matter what I did I could not get the dress to look anywhere as cute as it did in the picture. So eventually I gave up, ripped the wreck of a dress off Sweet Sixteen, and threw it into the box. I'm thinking that I must create a ban on sailor collars for her. Lately everything I've made with a sailor collar has been dreadful. The last decent thing I made with a sailor collar was TNT Skipper's dress, and that was a mock collar. So, I'm back to square one for dressing Sweet Sixteen. I hate to say this but... she's been more difficult to dress than Vanessa... there I said it! It's official.
I picked an easy project for today's finished it up project. My energy was low from today's dress failure. So I fished something out of the box that has been in there for a while, and I knew I could fix it, just needed the how. It's a shirt, Mattel made. I've had it for years, not a huge fan of it. I had a modern Midge wearing it for many years. It was from the Blue Box of Doom, but when I pulled it out then I found that something had happened to the bottom hem. There was a small chunk taken out of it. I had no idea how to fix it easily, so it went into the box. Today I realized that if I used the tulle trick it wouldn't be too difficult. So I took off the velcro at the bottom, and used the tulle to take in the bottom hem a bit, hiding the damaged fabric. It was pretty easy, but my stitches aren't the best. It had a little issue with the machine, but I'm not that concerned over it, I don't have any plans for this top. I also hand stitched the velcro back on and it was done. Out of the box and into the bag!

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