Monday, August 8, 2011

Home again, Home again, Jiggedy Jig

My parents came back from their weekend in Connecticut this morning. The rolled in around 6:44. I know because I got woken up when they came in. I rolled over, checked my phone to see the time, then fell back asleep. Which is good, I need all the sleep that I can get. My parents went to bed when they came home since they'd be driving since five the previous day.
When I went downstairs for lunch, my mother was awake and in the living room. I ended up sitting down and chatting with her for several hours. We had a lot to catch up on. It's weird that only a few days had passed, but a lot happened in those few days. I'll spare you the details and go to the main part. The wedding shower went very well, and my cakes were a big hit. (Yay!) Everyone was super impressed with the rainbow cake. They were asking my mother how I made it, but she was under strict order from my sister not to tell. "Let it be magic". She's funny that one (My sister). I assumed that the cakes were a big hit when none of them arrived back home. I made four full cakes, and not one came piece back. My mom said that when they left there were only a piece of red velvet and one of chocolate left. That was flattering because my family aren't big cake people. We have a habit of ending up having to throw away birthday cakes because we weren't fast enough eating them and they would go bad. So I would say that the cakes were popular. So all my work was not in vain! But I will say that I won't have to do another large baking day like that again. I will say however that we've been talking about doing more baskets for Christmas this year... yay...
I also spent some time today emptying out the back of the truck. Since my parents were up north they also picked up some stuff that needed to come down to the house. It's mainly stuff from storage that needs to get sorted out and dealt with. Right now it's all cluttering up the living room. I've already looked though some of it and threw some junk out, and started washing some laundry that needed refreshing, but I can't spear head most of the stuff since it's mostly my father's things. He's working the next few days... then we have some other stuff scheduled, so I'm not sure when he's going to get a chance to deal with it. Either way, I'm sure it will get dealt with. (eventually) I'm doing whatever I can to help.
I also got something in the mail today. (Eek!) Skipper's head arrived today! I was so not expecting it this early. It wasn't supposed to arrive until the 10th or the 11th. You better believe that they got positive feedback from me. She is lovely. Her makeup is flawless, her eyelashes full, and I think her hair is still in the factory set. That last part kills me, I want to fix her hair since it's a little frizzy at spots, but I hate messing up her original curls. I'm going to leave it as is for now, All I've done is add some hair elastics since she came without them. As you can tell I've already put her on her body. She's actually a touch lighter than the body, but it's not that extreme. She even looks good in the outfit I made. She's going to keep wearing it. Isn't she so pretty? I just can't believe that I have a TNT Skipper, much less one in such nice condition. She's easily one of my top ten dolls in terms of condition. Really, I'm always impressed with how my collection has managed to swell. I've gone from fourteen vintage dolls to... forty seven (cripes, that a lot)! Also now that I have Skipper here I now have heads for all the random bodies I've amassed the past month. So now I'm done searching for specific heads and I can focus on getting more whole dolls. (Which is both good and bad, it was more work since I'm trying to find a specific part, but I now have to find a whole thing compared to just part of one.) But, welcome Skipper!
I did get my finish it up project done today too. This is the rain jacket that came with the American Girl Barbie and Casey. It didn't need a lot of help, but the snaps had come undone on one side. Instead of just fixing that, I ended up replacing both sides of the snaps. The original ones were rusty and icky. I also changed the way the jacket overlapped to make it fit better at the bottom. I really like this jacket, it's so wonderfully mod. I just need to figure out who's going to wear it. I'm glad I fixed this one.

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