Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A little better, but certainly not perfect...

I'm slightly better today sleep wise compared to yesterday. I managed to sleep a touch more last night! (Yay!) I guess I was so tired that it was bound to happen. I swear if I had one more night of restless sleep, I didn't know what I was going to do. Most likely just be a sobbing mess all day. But I managed to avoid that fun little situation with some actual sleep. Still very groggy today since I'm still behind on my sleep, but this is the progress that takes to get better. And I certainly hope that I'm getting better.
So even though I'm glad that I slept in general, I'm even more glad that it happened for today. I'm going to need my energy for today, it's a shopping day! And you know how I love those shopping days. I did think about skipping it, since I'm still trying to be good, but I ended up going. I needed to get all those things into the mail and it's not fair to make my Dad do my errands for me. So I went. I would like to point out that technically I have saved enough to get Skipper (I got a pardon on my being bad last week.) But wouldn't you know, again we're going out on a Wednesday and the antique store is closed. Really it's for the best, since I think I'm going to hold off on getting her. I'm going to wait until next week and get Ricky. I'm more interested in getting him than her, especially now that I know her hair's been cut, and I only have one Ricky in my collection. But really, that all depends on if I'm good this week or not.
We started off at the post office, and I got everything into the mail! Now, it's off my shoulders, and in the post office's control. I've already e-mailed everyone to let them know that their packages are in the mail. I'm happy to get that all squared away and taken care of.
After that we ended going to a second hand store. Just one this trip, we ended up going out late, and only have time to visit one before they were all closed. We ended up at the Christan Second Hand store. And where I met my downfall. I was able to avoid getting anything in toys (the most they had were newer Barbies), but fabrics were too good to pass up. I found two things that I just had to have. I can't pass up adorable vintage fabric when I know I won't be able to find it again. First up I found this loud vintage floral cotton. It's just so wonderfully mod. It's actually way too big for Barbie (I should have put a quarter in the picture to show the size), those flowers are really very big, but it was too interesting to pass up. I have no clue what to use it for, but I had to have it. I also found this adorable kitten fabric, I think it's a flannel. It's so cute it should be illegal. I mean, who would make a pattern of adorable kittens doing household things? Again, I had to have this. Again, no clue what to use it for. I'm thinking maybe something for my sister. She likes cats, but I may not bother. It'll have to depend on if I can find something that I want to use it for. And that's what I got at that store. They were a dollar each, and I got about two yards of both. So really, it was a good deal.
It wasn't until we were at Walmart that I was tempted again. I saw that they had those Liv jackets on clearance. I've heard about other people finding them for three dollars, and was wondering if I was going to find them too, I did. I already own the yellow houndstooth one from that line, and was tempted by several others. But I stopped to think about it. Did I really want these jackets, or did I want them because of their price? I decided it was only because of their price, so I put them back. I mean I like the one jacket I have, but I rarely use it. Why spend more money to get more jackets I won't use? I should save my money for other Ricky. So I manged to talk myself out of getting anything else, and remained good for the rest of the trip.
At home I managed to get my project for the done for the day. These are a pair of Ken pants. I didn't make these, really can't remember where they came from. I just know I didn't make them. They're made with elastic in the back, that over time had lost all elasticity. So I had to take it out and replace it. Which is easier said than done since I had to take apart a good deal of the pants to fix that. It would have been easier to remake the pants than fix this. But I didn't care enough to remake them. So it's done, and out of the box. Now it's into the clothing bag to languish.

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