Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday with some excitement.

Today was my brother's first day of school. He's back to the old community college trail. Isn't it weird that school is starting so early? I'm not sure if it's a local things, but when I was still going to school, we used to start after Labor day, then maybe around 6th grade they bumped it up to the last week of August. I don't know where this mid August mess happened. Actually, when I went to college the first day was even later than Labor day. I don't get it. Maybe I'm getting old, I'm already reminiscing what it was like when I was a kid.
Anyway, today was a shopping day, and again I declined but kept getting asked so I felt like I should go. I think my Dad prefers when I go since it's more fun with another person tagging along, plus I usually drag him to the second hand stores (which he usually is the one to suggest that I want to go), but maybe that's my justification for going. I also needed to go to get something into the mail. Late last week I had put a contest up over on "In The Pink", it was just for something small. It was the grape shorts and top set that I got with the Malibu Barbie. It was a perfectly lovely outfit, but not my style, and I couldn't see using it ever, so I decided to pass it along to someone who might actually want it. Also, it's nice to give something back to the group since it has given a lot to me. So I got it off and into the mail earlier than expected. I added a few extras, so I hope the winner likes them all.
So with that done, it was time to go shopping. Again, I'm still trying to be good. I'm so close to getting Ricky. But we did manage to hit up all three second hand stores. At the first one, I manged to find something, a book. Nothing craft related, this time it's a trashy book about the infamous feud between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. I won't lie, I love that feud it's just so ... juicy. I really need to spend some time reading, my book pile is starting to get unmanageable. That's all I got there. The second second hand store was a bust for me, which is a good thing. My Dad found two expensive measuring tapes for a dollar each, so that was nice. And finally we reached the third one, the Christian Second hand store. They had two small totes filled with Bratz dolls, it was an instant collection for somebody. They had it over at the main desk, which is good because a lot of time people let their kids play with the toys and they get scattered all over the place. It was... interesting, but I don't collect Bratz, so not that exciting. If it was for Barbie I might have been tempted (but maybe not, since it would have been modern play line). But over at the toy section I was looking through the bins, when something on a shelf caught my eye. It was something so interesting, I actually dropped what I had in my hands at the time. I found a vintage Skipper case! It was empty (no Skippers or clothing, it did however had a few tiny paper record covers in it. I guess the child used those in their play), and in really rough shape (40 year old tape is icky), but it was only three dollars and the image on the front is just too adorable. Plus it's not pink! It's yellow, my favorite color. For the price I could easily overlook it's many flaws. Even if it's just a display case, you can't beat three dollars for it. I also found a doll sewing pattern there. It's McCalls 717, "A Complete Baby Doll Wardrobe in 3 sizes: 13"-14", 15"-16", and 17"-18"". Most of the clothes are too young for Chatty Cathy, but some aren't. While I'm not sure if I'll ever make anything from it. I kind of have a compulsion to purchase any second hand patterns I find for dolls, or mens patterns in my size. As long as their affordable. And for a quarter this one was. It's totally uncut and has the factory folds. From the price and the picture on front, I'm guessing it's from the 80's. And finally from that store, I got this dress. It's the dress that came with the growing hair Anastasia doll based on the movie that was a Burger king exclusive. (I remember having one, they also had a train set, and a plush toy of the dog that would raise his ears, my brother and sister had those.) This store used to have a couple of the dolls in their boxes, but I never got one because they're not anything that I would collect. When I thought that their dresses might fit Momoko, I wanted to get one, but they were all gone by then. There was just one lone doll without her dress left. So I passed her by several times. Today I actually found the dress, but not the doll. So I bought it. It cost me a quarter. Sadly, it does not fit Momoko. It's much too high waisted and tight in the bodice, but with some minor modifications it fits Skipper wonderfully. It's nice because it's also an appropriate style for a dress for a young girl. It's also formal without being too mature. I'm glad someone can wear it. That's all I got there.
At Walmart I was still able to avoid those Liv doll jackets. I did see that they now had a giant Monster High Display. I was able to see several dolls and play sets that up to now I had only seen pictures of. It's all very interesting, but not very tempting. I'm still fine waiting for the dolls to show up in second hand stores. If I was going to buy another doll I'd buy Gloom Beach Frankie since I love her makeup, but I'm fine waiting for her as well. I would be tempted severely if they had the clothing pack in store, but they did not. So I was lucky about that. But I did see something upsetting... all the fabric was gone. Like every single of the pre-cut fabric was gone, they had plastic boxes in it's place. I found some of it in the discount section, but it seemed pretty picked over. I found a few fat quarters left for 31 cents, but there was only four and they were all ugly prints, so I left them. I was really hoping that the original fabric section was coming back to our store, but with this new development doesn't give me much hope. Maybe it needs to get worse before it gets better?
When I got home, it was a quiet day. Didn't get around to doing much. I did try and fix the Skipper case, but the tape didn't hold. Does anyone know the best way to fix cases? I know it's not going to be perfect, but I'd like to be able to use it. If I bend Charlotte's knees fully, I can fit her into the doll slot. So if I can get it somewhat decent working, it might become her travel case. Although when I travel with her I like it to look like I'm not a grown man carrying a doll, so a case with Skipper written on the front might not work out so well.
For my fix of the day, I worked on another item that was in the case that came with Casey and the American Girl. This was the fake rawhide bag that was in it. My brother didn't want it, so I'm going to keep it. It needed to have the straps anchored down, as well as part of the snap fixed as well. It was a pain since I was working on the inside of the bag and wanted my stitches look good on the outside. But it's done. Maybe I can use it if Charlotte becomes a frontier woman?

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