Monday, August 29, 2011

More shopping...but not...

Went out shopping again today, I know I've been going out every five seconds. But I needed to go out and get something into the mail, and it's not fair to make my Dad to my errands like that. But I would like to say that I was good, I did not buy anything. Which is good since I'm still technically "paying off" Living Skipper, tomorrow will the be the day that I technically "earned" her. But I did go to the Antique stores again, but this time was different. I wanted to look over the Barbie dolls that the Barbie seller has at the Antique mall. I was curious to see how those prices were compared to what I found them for online. Especially when you consider the 20 percent off special that's currently going on. Plus taking into account the price I'd have to pay for shipping.
Here's the ones I wrote down, I'm posting them here to save them for the record;
Living Skipper for 50
Straight Leg Ken for 39.50
Living Barbie for 30
Another Living Barbie for 50
Midge for 65
Julia for 80
Another Julia for 80
Malibu Francie for 40
P.J. for 40
Growing Hair Francie for 55
Tutti for 35
Another Tutti for 55
Another Living Skipper for 25
Hair Fair Barbie for 27
Brunette Bubblecut for 109
Talking Stacey with a neck split for 55
Silkstone wearing Mod dress for 50
and a Malibu Ken for 5
There were also other dolls that I didn't write down either due to the fact that I couldn't see the tags from the other side of the case (I know that there's an Allen and another Malibu Ken plus more) and I didn't spend a great deal of time checking out all the dolls. I was only interested in a select few. I should point out that most of the dolls come wearing clothes. That Straight Leg Ken comes wearing a complete vintage outfit. For the most part the majority of them are out of my price range right off the bat, even including the discount on them. But there are several of the dolls that I'm interested in saving up for. While I complain about going out and not spending money, I think it's beneficial because I'm not wasting money buying things because I want to get something. Each time I'm good it compiles for me getting another doll for the collection. Maybe eventually I can go out, without having an ulterior motive, not get get anything, and not be a total heel about it.
Anyway, onto the finish it up project for the day. This short pleated skirt is something I tried on Malibu Barbie's dress before I changed into a simple rounded skirt. Since I could still use the skirt, I kept it. So today I took it out, added a waistband, took out the holding stitches, then finished it up like usual. I also made some darts on the waist to make it fit the waist better. And then I was done! It's a cute skirt, just really short. It's more like the length for Skipper than Barbie! But you never know when you'll need a lime green short pleated skirt, right? Right???
Oh! Also, I got notified that the Skipper head got mailed today. So hopefully I'll have it soon. Exciting, right?

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