Sunday, August 14, 2011

Photos for today!

It was a quiet morning here, since I got that pink and white checked dress done the other day, I don't really have any projects in mind, or have the correct supplies for anything. I spent most of the morning (several hours of it) taking photographs of some random dolls in the collection that rarely get their time to shine. It took forever, and I only have a few photographs to show from it, I really need to get better at photography, or at least get a better camera.
We have Midge;

Silkstone Waitress;

Titan Bubblecut;

Mary Claire;

A Takara Jenny;


A different Titan Bubblecut;


And Blaine;

Afternoon was a slow start. I did get my finish it up project done though. This is a jacket that I made a while back, but never got around to finishing it. It looked better in my head than in my application of it. It really started off as a suit, playing around with dying that white fur I have. I finished the skirt a while back, (and I believe you've seen it before?) but the jacket still needed some work. Today I reattached the fur at the bottom and the top for starters. I also added four darts in it. Originally the jacket wasn't going to be fitted, but it looks better now that it is. After that it was seam reinforcements and adding snaps like usual. Since it was made for Vanessa, she got to wear it first. And it looks great on her, really love the effect the fur at the collar gives her. I'm glad that I came back to this. All it really needed was a break so I could reevaluate what it was going to be. It was a total pain getting her arms into the sleeves however. But it looks great on her! It just totally works towards her whole persona. She's going to wear it for a while!
And finally we have this red dress. I made this a week or so ago, but didn't share it. It was an attempt at making something for Free Movin' Barbie. I got the majority of the initial sewing done back when I first made it, but just didn't care for it when I was done, so I didn't bother finishing it fully. It was cute, but it just wasn't working for her. So I tried putting it on several dolls to see if it worked better for them, but couldn't find a doll that I really liked it on. I ended up leaving it on Trench Setter Silkstone for a while, still closed with safety pins. So when she upgraded into the dress I made for her the other day, I had it kicking around, still unfinished. Since I was watching TV last night and wasn't totally invested, I wanted something to do. Enter this dress. I got it finished last night, even went as far as to redo the collar, and hand sew the skirt seam. It's a cute little skirt dress, but I haven't found anyone that I wanted to dress it in. Not sure if I ever will, but it's done.

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