Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A REALLY crappy day

Yes, another one, but this time it's not actual crap. Luckily the kittens haven't used my room as a litter box since the last time I wrote about it. It won't happen anytime soon since they've been banned from my room due to their actions today. They've been banned for a few days at a time for their misbehavior, but this time it's permanent. In my room there's really one place they're not allowed to go on, my laptop. And since it's the one spot, it's the one spot they love to visit. They've managed to knock my laptop on the floor several times, and I'm not happy about it. Today I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth, left the door open, one second later... Crash! Laptop was on the floor. This time was more damaging than usual. They broke off a bit from the vent in the back, and the mouse no longer works as well as it used to. I managed to fix it so it's a little better, but it's never going to be back to normal. So they're banned from my room.
In the afternoon, I got asked if I wanted to go out. My father was taking my brother to school, and was thinking about going to the library bookstore near the antiques stores. And oh, I thought about saying no and staying home, I really did. But I ended up saying yes. In retrospect I really should have stayed home, I really should have. Before I went out I asked if it was okay if I got Ricky today, I had technically saved up enough money for him, even with all my... indiscretions. I got an okay, and went out. But at the store... it was not good. Ricky was still there, in fact all the dolls were still there, but the woman who usually runs the desk wasn't there. There was a different man running the desk. Since my dad went to the bookstore, I had some time to kill until he joined me. I went upstairs to the upper floors (this is the place with the creepy upstairs). Usually their empty, but this time there was an older woman up there. I wandered around giving her a polite distance. Eventually another woman was up there too, I assumed they were shopping together. The older woman was talking, to the other woman I assumed, but it turned out she was actually talking to me. And being so unprepared I totally botched it. I wish I wasn't so awkward in these types of situations. It's so embarrassing, I'm sure she thought me a rude cad. So I made a hasty retreat downstairs for my father to show up. Downstairs I found a different doll, a Maxi Mod doll, MIB. I've been seeing more and more of these clone dolls since a few of my Flickr friends collect them. She was interesting, and priced decently, so instead of talking to the man and getting Ricky, I took the easy way out and talked myself into getting her. Part of my reasoning was the fact that she was on sale. So I ended up getting her. And was immediately filled with guilt and anger of my actions. I should have sucked it up and gotten Ricky, and since I didn't I'd have to wait at least another week for him, and to top it off I now had a doll that I really didn't like.
Making matters worse, when I pulled her out of the box, she was even cheaper than I originally thought, and when I had her in my hand, one of her shoes fell off. Right in between the seat where it disappeared from view. So I, for lack of a better term, got real pissy. I was just so mad/frustrated/disappoint with myself that I got into a real nasty funk. Eventually I was able to retrieve the shoe, even though it resisted me and I almost didn't, but luckily with my determination and my knowledge of four letter words I was able to get it back from under the seat. Although my knuckles are still red from my efforts. I did explain to my Dad and brother why I was acting like I was, and my Dad offered to go back and get Ricky for me but I declined. I was still in a funk from earlier, and I didn't think my ego could take another hit. So I went upstairs to try and work myself out of my attitude.
It was there that I discovered another crappy thing about today. Earlier in the day I was working with Julia's hair. It's so mussed that it needed some attention to look good. I styled it with a brush, then poured some boiling water over it to set it. Part of what I had styled didn't stay when I poured the water over it, so I had to style it again. After that I put Skipper's G.I. Joe sailor hat on her to keep her hair styled as it dried. Later in the day, when I pulled the hat off to see if it was dry I had a shock. Julia's hair... had stained the hat. There were a variety of stains on the inside of the hair from her hair. Which sucked. She was only wearing the hat for a few hours, how could it happen so quickly? Just another thing to add onto this crap day,
I had basically gotten over my frustration with myself when my mother called me, literally she called my phone to ask if I was okay. I said that I'd meet her downstairs and explain what had transpired. And I did, bringing down the boxed doll to tell her and show her my disappointment. She also expressed that my father was willing to go out again and get the doll for me. He did need to go out and get some more money. This time I accepted the offer, and we went out. It was drawing closer to five, and we weren't sure if the place closed at five or six. Luckily my Dad had enough money for the doll and we didn't need to stop at the ATM. The store closed at five (good to know) and had we stopped we wouldn't been able to make it in time.
Even as we pulled into the parking lot, the man was clearing the stuff from the outside of the store and bringing it in. Seeing that they were in the process of closing I told my Dad to forget it, and let's go home. But he wouldn't hear of it. We went in and he talked to the man and he came over and opened the case. So I picked out Ricky. I still need to look at the Malibu dolls to see if they're from Japan or not, but that can wait for another day. A day where my confidence is a little higher. My dad asked if we could do better for Ricky at the front desk. And they gave me a better price, he ended up being 25 dollars, tax included. So that's pretty good. He actually ended up being one dollar more expensive than my original Ricky, and he came with his swim top, my original one one came with his shorts on. So after that long day of crap, I have another Ricky. He's already been given a bath, and he cleaned up really nicely. He's actually a bit higher color than my original Ricky doll. No idea on how to dress him though. Right now he's wearing a t-shirt that I made for my original Ricky to wear under that Jacket I got from Pedro and his original shorts. I don't think my original Ricky was that impossible to dress, so hopefully I can figure something out that I like quickly. Please let him get dressed quicker than Skooter. (Who's currently still boxed in the closet.)
For my finished project of the day, I picked something simple. This is one of those dresses that I made for dressing the donated dolls in. Back then, I made several of them in a row and finished them slowly. This one's the last one I made in this fabric. It's a quick unappealing dress, but it serves it's purpose. Maybe eventually I'll get all those dolls dressed, and donated.

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