Friday, August 19, 2011

Really, What happened today?

You know it's a dull day when you can't even remember what you did in order to write about it (I'm a few days behind in posting.)

I do however remembered my Finish it up Project for today. Here was have this shell blouse. It's a recent addition, it came to me on the 80's Skipper that Jessica sent me. It's actually for vintage Barbie, and was in a bit of need of repair. While I haven't gotten around to working with Skipper, I did get around to fixing the top. I do like it. I did some repairs to the leg holes to fix some hems that had come undone, looks like someone else had repaired it earlier, but it had come undone again. I also added a second snap in back, as well as tacked down the bow in front. Those were all simple cosmetic fixes.
The neck closure was what gave me the hardest trouble. I'm really not sure how it originally closed, but on Barbie, the two pieces in the back didn't match up easily. Originally I thought that a hook closure would work (the cord loop was still there), but even the hook wasn't long enough to reach. I thought about ways to fix it, but they were all to complex and really had a great chance to not work. Eventually I had to get a little creative, with something simple. I used some of my jewelry making supplies for it. Using a gold claps (I would have used silver, but I am out), I added a length of chain until it reached across from one side to the one withe the loop. Then I attached the chain on the side without the loop. So basically it now fastens like a necklace, I just need to make sure the metal doesn't react to the doll's skin. But it's done, and I can use it if I so chose, and I actually might. I like this top, so somebody might end up wearing it. I just need to design the rest of the outfit for it.

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