Friday, August 5, 2011

"She doesn't even have a head, how come she's dressed already?"

"She doesn't even have a head, how come she's dressed already?" Moaned Skooter as she picked up some random cloth on the desk and held it up to herself for modesty's sake.
I could understand her being bothered by this, but she really only had herself to blame. Earlier today I spent some time doing some research for clothes, hoping to find something that I liked to inspire me to dress Skooter. She's tough to dress, but I am determined to get her off that list. I do not want a repeat of my first Skooter where I have her for over a decade before I find something that I really like on her. But for the most part it was pretty slim pickings out there for me. I found a couple things I liked... but not enough to really make. I wasn't inspired enough to want to make it, the more I thought about it. But then I saw it... a dress that piqued my curiosity. I clicked the thumbnail hoping that it was as cute full size as how I pictured it from the small view. (I have a nasty habit of seeing something differently in my mind than how it actually looks in detail.) But this was not the case. What I was looking at was an actual dress, mod... with a sailor collar. You know how I love me some sailor. (That sounds bad.) And since I am planning on making a Mod dress for Skipper when her head arrives, this was perfect. And I just wanted to make it, even though she has yet to arrive and whenever I make something for a doll before I have her in hand I usually end up making something else. I didn't care, I just wanted to make it!

It looked like a simple orange a-line dress. It seemed to be made for an adult (bust darts), but since Skipper's a child, she doesn't need that. Honestly, this design looks better on a child than an adult (in my opinion). It also has a blue and white striped collar thing... and an large over sized white sailor collar ties in the front. So I set out to make it. What about supplies you ask? Well, I had that orange broadcloth from the Malibu project I never used, and I also had an a-line dress pattern too. And while I didn't have any blue and white striped fabric, I had red and white, I also had the white fabric I needed. Again, don't you like it when you have all the fabric on hand and don't need to buy anything for something? Finally my fabric hoarding is paying off.
I made the dress like I usually do. I did change the collar a little bit. It's a little lower in the front so it's not directly up to her neck. For the striped part of the dress, I just folded the fabric over with the right sides together, sewed them into a triangle, and flipped it right side out. I then sewed it to the dress. I did have to take it off and make it a bit smaller, but that was an easy fix. The collar ties are just just tubes of white fabric. They are tacked down in the back, the shoulders and on the center tie. It also closes in the back with three snaps. Again I didn't feel like sewing the bottom of the dress together, so I just added another snap. Sort of lazy sort of not.And like that I was done. I ended up giving her the pair of yellow shoes that I got from Jessica. But she was only wearing them for an hour and she split one... not happy about that at all. She split the Japan one too. I guess Skipper's got fat feet. Just wish I learned about that somehow else and not from breaking a shoe. So I ended up giving Skipper a pair of red sandals, some cheap knockoff shoe. They're a bit too short for her feet, but if you don't look at the back, you don't really notice them. And so Skipper's got a dress. I'm hoping I'll like it as much as when she's got a head. I just need to think about what color I'm going to get to retie her hair ribbons. Right now I'm thinking white or orange, any votes for either?

I didn't forget about my finishing something up each day project either. Today I finished these green shorts. They are a failed attempt at making something to go under Malibu's coat. I gave up when I was trying to pull them up her rubbery legs. Besides, I didn't care for how they were looking anyway. So today I finished them. They fit Charlotte, but are a little tight and gaping in the back. Not sure when I'll even use them, but I've said that before then found a use for them.
Oh, and before I forget. Today I got notification that Skipper's head shipped today. I don't have any tracking number or anything like that, (can't expect that on free shipping) but I know it's shipping from Missouri, and is expected to arrive on either the 10th or the 11th. Can you guess which day I'm hoping for?

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