Friday, August 12, 2011

Some recent additions and upgrades.

Part of this post could have been included in yesterday's post, but that was already so long and this is going to be long by itself, I decided to hold off on sharing it. Plus it kind of didn't fit with yesterday, so I held off until today.
I got some mail yesterday. (You know I love getting some good mail) The first thing I got was the pivotal body that I traded for. I've already switched Vanessa over to the new body, I just couldn't wait. This was my first time seeing one of those bodies up close and personal. And let me tell you, they are impressive. I noticed that they have a slightly better range of motion than the fashionista body. To me it seems that their joints are a little more ball jointed than the fashionista body. I think that gives them a slight advantage compared to the fashionista body. However, it's not like there's a great range of motions that they can do compared to the fashionista body, just a little better. Here's something that I wasn't expecting, the pivotal body shares nothing in common with the fashionista body. The body mechanics are similar, but other than that, they have no common parts. I think the torsos are the same height, but Vanessa's bust is bigger (maybe just more perky?), and her hips are smaller. She's actually taller than Charlotte now, and it's all from the legs, her legs are seriously super long. It's not really that extreme, but it's certainly noticeable. Even their arms are different. Vanessa's arms are thinner than the fashionista arms. I was not expecting that. I knew already that their hands would be different, but I wasn't expecting everything else to be. The pivotal hands are really beautiful. The fingers are long and graceful, they even have molded on fingernails (painted light pink on her). They have a lot of attitude, I kept thinking, "these are perfect Dynasty cat fighting hands". She looks ready to knock someone into a fountain and start pulling her hair. And honestly, that's the vibe that Vanessa gives in general. She's a bit different than most of the other girls in that aspect. So while this body works for her, it wouldn't for very many other people in the collection. This type of body would never work for someone like Charlotte, she's just much too wholesome to pull off the vamp body look. Personally, I much prefer the fashionista hands to the pivotal ones, they're just more... cute I guess. Besides, Charlotte could never get one of these bodies, she'd tower over Joe on one! That's good news for me because these bodies aren't cheap, so I'm more than fine with Vanessa having the only one in the collection, I am super glad that she has this one. She is looking fine! I would like to say that she still can fit in the same clothes that she did when she was on a Belly Button body. If anything they're a little roomier than before. In the photo she's wearing a Liv doll bikini, I couldn't even get that to fit on Charlotte with her hips. Vanessa here can wear it easy. Dressing her is a bit more of a pain due to her fingers, while they are nice and long, they also like to snag all the fabric and keep her from putting on sleeves. So, super pleased with that body, such a great trade (on my end so far).
So while I was expecting that in the mail yesterday, (I had a tracking number) I also got something unexpected as well. You remember how I got those Skipper shoes gifted to me from Jessica? Well she's sent me something else. A Skipper, I think she's from the early 80's, but I could be wrong. She's still has the vintage Skipper head mold, but she has the arms that are more out to the sides compared to the regular straight arms. Jessica sent her to me because she thought I could fix her up again. I hope I'm up to the challenge. She's got her issues; a haircut, a mouse chewed foot, several scratches and dings, and one of her arms keep popping out, among other things. She's now been added to the end of the work pile, I'm not really sure what I can do for her. I'm sure I'll get to her in time, but it might be a while, there's plenty to do before I can get to her.
So that's what I got yesterday (plus the stuff I bought while out). Today was another day where I got some stuff, really, I've been super spoiled this week, just terrible. Today in the mailbox were two more packages for me, in fact that's all that there was in the box today. And while they were two separate packages, they were the combination of a single doll. Julia arrived today! I brought her inside, unpacked her, and reunited her head with her body. And... she's stunning. She's the first AA vintage doll to join the collection, and I'm sure she won't be the last. I'm just thrilled by her. But I will start off with the bad, her dress. I believe it's some random cheap clone dress, and it's in really rough shape. I could try to fix it, but it would be easier and more likely success to make one of my own. Plus, I'm sure I could make something cuter than this, it's kind of boring and bland. I just put it on her for the pictures, she's since changed into something better. But that's the biggest issue with her, and that's not even that much of a loss. The seller of the head believed that the hair had been cut, but I hoped they were just incorrect, since Julia's hair was supposed to be short. It was hard to tell since the picture was blurry, and luckily I think that it is in fact not cut. (I was hoping that) It looks like it's the original hair style. Which is great because; that means I don't have to re-root her, and I just love her hair color as it. She's one that oxidized into this lovely rich raspberry red. I'd hate to have to redo that. I will need to do some work to fix up her hair. The part line is a little skewed, but decades of no hair care will do that to you. Do you think a boil perm would work for that? I may have to experiment with that. Her makeup is in decent condition. She's missing part of an eyebrow and her lips are a bit thin. Her eyelashes are all there though, and her eyes are lovely. She does have a dark spot on her cheek. I'm hoping it will come off when I give her a bath. Is this the Midge head mold? It looks like the Midge head mold, but I'm too lazy right now to go across the room and look at them side by side. It looks like it's either the Midge head mold straight up, or with some minor modification. If it is Midge, Mattel really got a lot of use out of that head mold. She's the Steffie of the Vintage-Mod years! Her body has a few nicks, dents, and splits, but is really in decent shape. Her knees still even bend. Really a great trade/E-bay purchase, and a great addition to the collection. I'm so happy with her!
For today's finish it up project, we have a recent addition to the box. This is a blouse that I made recently for an attempt to dress the blond TNT. I made the blouse, and part of the next part of the outfit before I decided that I didn't like it, so I quit. Since this is such a nice blouse, and almost done, I figured that getting it done would be for the best. So today I finished it up. Including adding three snaps. Not sure when I'm going to use it, but I now have it at my disposal. Another project finished!

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  1. You have some nice goodies there. Julia & Vanessa look great on their bodies. I like the white blouse you've made too.