Saturday, August 6, 2011

Starting off slow today...

I just couldn't get motivated at all this morning. The most I did was research more dresses for Skooter (still no luck on that one, she's keeping the being difficult to dress tradition alive). My lethargic morning crept steadily into my afternoon, and almost continued into the evening. I'm not sure what motivated me, but I had the strongest urge to sew. More specifically, sew Superstar Barbie's dress.
It's been a dress that I've been thinking about for a while, and even purchase supplies for, but have been avoiding it. Superstar Barbie was the second doll that I had an idea for, but several other people have been dressed before her, while she hung out naked. I was just so hesitant about using the taffeta I bought for the project, since it was so fray happy. But for some reason later this evening I wanted to make it. No, I needed to make it.
Let me explain the dress. It's an Oscar De la Renta, because I only steal from the best. It's pink... possibly brocade, with a pink paisley design embroidered into the fabric. Mine was going to be simplified into just pink because I was never going to fabric like that in stores. It's got large puff sleeves and a full skirt. It also had a gold belt. I have the picture of it, so you can see it to know exactly what I'm talking about.
So with that dress to guide me, I got to work. Luckily I was already a bit more prepared than usual. I had already pulled out the pattern pieces that I was going to use for it. They've been sitting on my desk for the past few weeks waiting for me to get around to using them. And now was the time. I pulled out the bubblegum pink taffeta and got to work. I was going to use the usual bodice pattern for this one, just adapting the neckline to a more round one. Usually I line this bodice with the same fabric as the outer part, but not this time. I looked though my stash for some cotton to use. Lining this dress with the same slippery fabric seemed like a nightmare. I ended up picking the pink broadcloth that I used on that Garden Party dress I made way back in the beginning of the blog (last July in fact). Cutting it out was hard since the fabric kept wanting to shift on me. Eventually I got it cut out decently. I got the lining and fabric sewed together, and set about adding the sleeves before doing anything else to the dress. The sleeves went in pretty easy, but I did have to do one twice, but that was a minor issue, and at least it was early on in the dress's construction.
After both sleeves went it, I was able to finish up the bodice. Shockingly, it fit decently right off the bat. That rarely happens. I also made up and finished the skirt. And the initial construction was done! I set back to look at it before I started finishing it.... and I hated it. Not all of it (which has happened before), but just the skirt. It wasn't as full as I wanted it. So I thought about it for a bit, and knew that if I didn't change it I wouldn't be happy. So I removed the original skirt and made a bigger one. I like the new one much better. It just fits so much better than the original one.
I also added a gold belt like the original one has. I was going to use some gold lame that I have (need to find a use for it somehow), but I ended up remembering that I had some gold ribbon that I bought a while back (pre-blog). I already had a belt made of it, so I tested it out with the dress, and it really worked well. So I'm going to re-make the belt for this dress. That's where I stopped, I'll finish the dress tomorrow. No pictures of it yet, but stay tuned for it's grand unveiling.

I also managed to do my finishing it up project for today. Not an fun or interesting one today. This is the skirt that the Skipper from Pedro came in. The velcro in the back was coming off, and the back, since never hemmed was coming undone. So I resewed the velcro, and added some glue to keep the fraying to a minimum. Not really sure what to do with this skirt. It actually fits Charlotte, but since it's such a thick fabric, (especially at the waistline) it look rather bulky on her. I guess I can just stick it into the Skipper bag and be done with it.

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