Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Such a long day...

Today started off with heading out again in the morning. I had sold another pattern on Etsy and needed to get it into the mail. If I hadn't gotten it done today the next time I would have been able to would have been next Wednesday. And I know as a buyer I'd be mad if I had to wait that long. But it's in the mail as we speak and off to the UK. I hope the seller likes it. Also while we were out, I decided that I was going to get that living Skipper. I was going to get her and use the money in my PayPal account to reimburse her costs to my parents, then use my money for "good behavior" towards Ricky. But the store that has the dolls is closed on Wednesdays. Luckily I had remembered that could be the case before we went out so I was prepared for it, so it wasn't so shocking to see it. So no Skipper for me today, I'm going to have to wait for mid-week next week for another chance to get her again. After there we ended up at Walgreen's. My father needed to pick something up for an upcoming trip. It was there that I met my downfall.
I stumbled into their clearance section, the worst part I was almost in the clear then my dad called me back... and in it they had two Harumika dress form sets on clearance. From 12.99 to 3.24... and I just couldn't pass them up at that price.
I have one Barbie dress form in my collection and I love using it to display a fashion that I don't want to put on a doll. Since I keep the collection in day wear sometimes it's nice to have something different on display. For the past several months it's had the "Tales of the Hoffmann" dress on it. I just can't bear to put that dress away. I've always been on the lookout for more display forms, but they're usually expensive. I had to buy a 17.99 dollar doll to get my first one, and I'm not doing that again. They do sell them on E-bay, and they're cheaper, but I'm not sure the quality. But these were just what I was looking for, at a better price than E-bay, and with some extras that I might be able to use.
So I got them, both of them. Originally I was going to get one, but I was told I could get both after I couldn't decide which extras I liked best. And I can't pass up a deal like that. I ended up with the "Scene Queen" starter set and the "Uptown" style set. Before I got home I was a little worried that the forms were going to be a little too small for Barbie clothes since they look so small. But I figured that if they were I could always use them to display Francie or Momoko clothes. But when I got them home I tried some clothes on them that fits the belly button body, and they're a really nice match. If anything they're just a hair smaller, but that works out well since it won't strain the fabrics while it's on them. Right now I have a sailor dress and Charlotte's black dress on them, but that was just to see how well they fit the clothes I have. Not sure what clothes I'll eventually display on them... I wonder how Francie clothes will work on them. But so since I was bad today that means this week shouldn't count towards getting Ricky. Sucks right? I'd be more bothered if I wasn't going to buy Skipper on my own and I really like what I splurged on. Not only did I get two dress forms, I also got some small swatches of fabrics as well as two belt buckles. Although, one was just a buckle on a folded ribbon, the other is actually a leopard print belt, so that's kind of cool. So I'd say it was worth it.
At home I still had to do my finish it up project for the day. I pulled out these pair of underwear that I had started a while back. If memory serves me, I think these were for the legless P.J., to hold her legs on. At the time they were way too big for P.J. plus I thought I used the wrong sides of the fabric. Turns out that the new knit from Hobby Lobby doesn't have such a definite right or wrong side. I guess that makes making it cheaper. Anyway, P.J. got different underpants, so this went into the box. So I pulled it out and finished it up, adding a snap in the back. But it was still too big at the waist, even for the belly button body. I guess it's not as stretchy as the old stuff, since it was the same pattern that I was using before. So I ended up making some side darts to make it fit. And I was done! And there's an even happier note to this one compared to the Ken suit. I'm actually using it in the collection. I give it to Rebecca, my living Barbie re-root on a fashionista body. She could use some real underwear since she's in a skirt and only wearing the plastic molded on ones. So, good for her.After that I was playing around online. I was thinking more about Skipper and my re-root issues. I really don't want to deal with more re-root, especially since I still have Midge and Casey to do. Also I've been looking at a TNT Skipper head for nine dollars, also in need of a re-root. The only reason that I held off getting her was because of the fact that the seller has a high shipping prices, plus the whole re-root thing. But over on E-bay I found someone selling a TNT Skipper head for 22.50, with free shipping. I've seen it before, and it was originally 45.00, but was half off for the next couple days. It has wonderful uncut Banana Curls with pristine makeup and eyelashes. So I had to think about it. I compared the two prices. I added the price of the other head (9), plus the shipping cost (5, a very low ball price since I knew her shipping was higher than the norm), plus the costs of buying more hair (10 including shipping), And even before I start including the costs of my time spent doing the re-root, it's already cheaper to buy the head from E-bay. Luckily I just had enough to buy the head in my account. So I'm expecting the head around the 10th or 11th. Here's the sellers pictures of the head:

So no living Skipper for me, but now I have one less re-root to do, and only less vintage body kicking around. And it's certainly a different Skipper than any of the others in the collection already. I don't have any Mod Skippers, much less one that's originally blond. Yes I have a blond Skipper, but I re-rooted her to that color, and she was originally a brunette. But isn't she lovely? I just need to figure out how I'm going to dress her. I'm hoping since she's coming much before the month's end I'll be able to keep her off the redress list. Hopefully I'll be able to take several of the dolls off that list. Finger's crossed for me people!
After that my evening was spent baking. Since my sister's wedding shower is on Saturday it was up to me to make the cakes. Since my mother was really, really, really adverse to making the rainbow cake, I ended up taking that responsibility on as well. And let me tell you something. When I take on your job, as well as my own, and I jokingly complain to you about having to do it in general don't chastise me. Let me complain, I am doing something you said you would do. So I am making your life easier, so just listen. So in the course of 3.5 hours I made 4 cakes, split up into small 9" cakes, and 12 cupcakes. One was completely made from scratch, and another was that annoying rainbow cake. So you can understand that I'm exhausted. But they are done, and as of tomorrow out of my hands and not my problem.
G'night all!

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