Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday, Really?

Today was an interesting day. Quiet in some aspects, but super busy in others. As of writing this the cakes are no longer in my possession. They are in the process of heading north with my parents for the weekend. Since they'll be away, (my parents not the cake) that means it's up to me to make sure all the animals have food and water, as well as water all the plants. But I'd rather be doing what I'm doing than what they have to endure. I do not envy them for having to go through all that driving. Much less all the drama that goes along with being up north.
So they left around mid-day. And I make sure that I was free so I could help them pack. So I didn't manage to get a lot done in the morning. However I did decide what clothing to put on the new dress forms I bought the other day. I was looking over on Charlotte's garment rack seeing what I had on it that I wanted to display. I was having a hard time with the stuff on there, because while I like it, most of it's not really on the level of a dress form. They work best on something with a head. Then I thought of something. What could be more perfect for display than the Steampunk dress? I'm still really proud of it, and since Charlotte's been wearing other clothes she really hasn't worn it in a while. Also since it's so specific I can't really see that many other dolls wear it. This way I can display it, seeing all my hard work and when Charlotte's going to wear it again I can just take it off the dress form. Also since it's made up of so many small pieces I haven't been able to get enough hangers to display it. So far I've only managed to hang up the blouse. Now I have the whole outfit on display and one hanger free for something else. After I did that, I also decided what I wanted to use the other dress form for the Little Red Riding Hood costume. Again, really cute, but doubt anyone will wear it in the collection. Now I get to see it whenever I look over at the bookshelf. This also frees up a hanger, since I had only managed to hang up the shirt from this outfit. The hood looks a little over sized without a head in it, but it's still cute. I really like how these outfits look on the dress forms, it gives it a very professional look, like a museum. I've even named what I'm going to title the traveling museum collection, (because you know there's going to be a demand for that) "Charlotte; a retrospective". I'm still really glad that I bought these, now I just need to figure out where to put them...
Anyway, I only managed a small fix today. I promise that tomorrow's will be a bit more adventuresome. This is a dress that came in the Barbie case along with Casey and American Girl. I am 90 percent sure it's a Best Buy fashion, but don't know the number or anything. When I got it, it was missing half of the snap in the back. So I replaced the snap in the back. Pretty simple fix.And I needed simple today. I'm still exhausted. I don't know why but for the past week I'll be tired but when I get into bed, I'll suddenly get a second wind. Still too tired to do anything, but not tired enough to go to sleep. I've tried several things hoping that would make a difference, but haven't been able to find the right thing to keep me from tossing and turning for hours. This leaves me tired and groggy in the daytime. I just hope this stops soon. I'm tired of being tired.

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