Sunday, August 7, 2011

Unmotivated on a Sunday...

Sat around again this morning still unable to get motivated to get anything done. Part of my problem is that I'm just so tired. Still haven't be able to fall asleep at a decent hour no matter what I do. It's really starting to wear me down in my day to day life. It needs to clear up, like now. It's times like these that I wish I could take naps. I would if I could, it's just whenever I take a nap I always wake up feeling worse than before. I only can take a nap if I'm super sick, or super exhausted, otherwise forget it! Although, I'm steadily approaching super exhausted status.

But I did manage to finish Superstar's dress today. I forced myself to finish it, knowing that I needed it get it done eventually, and there's no time like the present. I started off with a cosmetic change. The pink thread I have on a large spool is not a perfect match to the fabric I was using it on. It's actually much lighter in color. Since it was that or nothing, I used it. Most of the seams aren't visible on the dress, so it's not that big of a deal. Except that the hem on the skirt is totally visible. And you could really see my shoddy un-straight stitches since the thread color is so different than the fabric (and I can sew a straight line to save my life). So I looked through my thread stash and found a tiny cheap spool of decently matching thread. So I pulled out the machine stitches and sewed the skirt hem by hand. This took forever, but it really does look nice. It's a decent enough match so that you really can't see them. Plus it's how old Mattel used to finish their clothes, so it matches the vintage clothes more. Although, but the 70's I'm sure they stopped using any hand sewing in their clothes. After that I was finished I moved into doing the seam reinforcements. Those were pretty easy, although there's always going to be some frayed pieces sticking out of her sleeves. That's just the nature of taffeta I guess.
After that it was time to add the snaps. The dress is really getting close to being done. I added one at the waist then... had an issue come up. I couldn't get the back of her dress to meet up at the top with any overlay so I could add a snap. She's just got too much going on in the front to meet in the back. I tried several things trying to come up with a solution that wouldn't look silly when looking at the back of the dress. I though about putting a snap lower were the fabric did meet, leaving it like it was, or adding a hook and eye at the top. Neither solution was ideal. The lead runner was the hook and eye, but even that I couldn't get it situated how I wanted it. Then I had an idea, why noy use ribbon and make it tie in the back? That would give it a cute little decoration on the back, it would close and wouldn't look like I had just "messed up", and if I was careful you couldn't even tell that it was there from the front. Plus that's another thing that was used on older Barbie clothes, so it's fitting. I used that thin white ribbon and sewed two small pieces to each side, and it worked! It looks rather cute. I didn't take pictures of that, I forgot to do that when I was outside taking them. Also if I get tired of the white ribbon and decide I want pink, I can easily replace them. (I'll have to buy some pink ribbon first, don't have any of that.) And judging from the pictures you really can't tell there's a ribbon bow at the back at all.
And like that her dress was done. So I turned my attention to her accessories. I made her a new belt from that gold ribbon. Making sure that it wasn't going to fray on me. That ribbon is terrible with fraying. You look at it funny and it frays, but I'll deal with it because it looks so good. I also gave her (Charlotte's) underskirt. I'm going to have to make another one soon. For her shoes she ended up with the pink t-straps that came with the Superstar reproduction that I bought for ten dollars a few years back. And like that I have another doll I can cross of the list for next month! Hopefully I can manage to knock a couple more off the list before the end of the month (and keep the additions to a minimum).
Oh, for today's get it finished project I finished a pleated skirt. This one's different than the usual ones because it's box pleats compared to the knife pleats like usual. I started this somewhat recently just playing around with different pleat options. And I didn't really care for the outcome of it. The box pleats ended up way too big. I much prefer the look of the knife pleats, so I gave up midway though. So today, I added the waistband, pulled out the holding threads, reinforced the seams, and added the snap. Still don't care for it. I think I'm going to add it to the bag of clothes I'm going to use for the donated dolls.

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