Thursday, August 11, 2011

An unusual Thursday to say the least...

I was up at six this morning, and while normally that's how I start my "terrible night's sleep" routine, this was not the case. Instead I was up for an actual reason. I needed to be in Greensboro by eight.
The reason for that? I'll explain. Recently, we've had several new additions to the household. In late June I was feeling a little lonely, for the first time in a long while we were down to one cat, and while Waffles is a good cat, he couldn't give everyone the attention that we wanted. We were just too much family for one cat. So after thinking about it for a while on my own, I asked about getting a second cat. Everyone seemed fine with it, and the local shelter according to their website had two new orange tabby kittens available for adoption. So my dad and I went to go look at them.
Which was a huge mistake. I never should have gone. We ended up with... three kittens! It was terrible, we went to check out the two orange ones, and in the cage they had a third one. He was gray and white. One of the orange kittens was adorable, he kept looking at me with his sad little eyes, also his face reminded me of Chester's so I had to have him. While I didn't go there to see the gray kitten, he sure was interested in me. He kept interacting with me, and he was just so cute that I couldn't leave him behind. So I was going to get those two, but there was a third kitten. I was told that they were all litter mates, and I felt bad leaving one of them behind. It turns out that cats were free from the shelter for the month of June. So we ended up taking all three of them home!
We had two boys, the orange tabby I named Mato, like tomato without the ta, because he was red, and I think that Chester would have liked him (Chester loves tomatoes), and the gray cat was named Milky, which is short for Milkman because if he's a litter mate to the other two his father's obviously the Milkman. The girl, was unofficially named Peach by my brother, but I've just been calling her little girl. While they were free, we did have to get them fixed. That was part of our deal with the shelter. If we didn't get that done in a set period of time, we'd actually get in trouble with the police, and they could remove the pets from the house. I understand them doing that, but it just seemed a little harsh to me. Anyway, a few weeks back we got the certificates from the town to get them, and the dog fixed. I think I mentioned that when it happened. Anyway, we called the people and set up an appointment. It was in Greensboro, the dog getting dropped of at eight, and the cats at eight thirty. We had to leave them there and come back at five. Which meant a day in Greensboro!
So I was up at six, to be in the car by seven, which we were. The kittens were in the front seat in their carriers, and I was in the backseat with the dog. It was an okay trip, we got a little lost and the end and it was a little tense then, but we managed to get there on time. We did the whole paperwork/drop the animals off thing and were out of there around 9:30.
From there we went to Joanne's fabrics. I love visiting a fabric store that I rarely get to. It's nice seeing other fabrics than what's stocked at the local Hobby Lobby. Even though I could have gone crazy with purchases, I still kept myself in check. I ended up getting a half yard of this pink and white check cotton (for a project that I've been thinking about), a half yard of this red brocade (since I wanted to try sewing with it), and a half yard of red stretch velvet (for Charlotte's winter dress, yes, I'm thinking about Christmas already). All this for under ten dollars, and it's all for projects I'm planning. I just wish any of the projects were for dolls that I needed to dress, I need to make more progress on those. Anyway, new fabrics, love them. Here you can see several of the things that will be upcoming on the blog.
After that we hit up several second hand stores. And I do mean several. I'd say we went to... eight of them? Most of them were busts, but I did manage to get two books for me (Wicked and a book by Anne Rice), as well as a second wave fashionista to use for a re-body for somebody else. She was wearing some weird ballerina type dress. I've already taken off her head. A while back I decided that I was going to stock up on the fashionista bodies whenever I see them in second hand stores. It's cheaper than buying them new. This was the first time I was able to put that idea to use. She cost me 1.99, and each book was a dollar. After we hit up all the second hand stores in the area we got bored. It was only noon, and we were out of things to do. So we ended up going home, to wait for them to call us when to pick up the animals.
They called us and we went out again to pick up the animals. We had to stop and get some money from an ATM since we needed to pay more... Great. All the animals were fine, but the dog had some inflammation with his surgery, and needed some more medication. And Little Girl, not actually a girl at all. She was a he, who was also had kryptdorken (sp). It's a condition where the animal's testicles don't descend from the body. I was actually familiar with this term since my sister taught it to me when she was in college. So we ended up having to pay an extra 91 dollars. Not a cheap day at all. (We did have a thought that Little Girl might be a boy, but couldn't be sure. We now know for sure.)
But we got all the animals and brought them home. We've got to keep them separated from each other from a bit. Ian took Mato into his room for the upcoming night, Milky gets stuck in the bathroom, and I'm going to take Little Girl. She needs medicine in the morning. The poor dog is going to get stuck in the fenced in area for a while. We need to keep him and Patchy away from each other for a week until his stitches heal! Plus the poor thing's wearing a cone. He's not been a happy camper today. He hates being in the car, he gets terrified. I think he's expecting us to abandon him somewhere. Which is sad, but not too shocked based on what we know about him before we got him.
I'm just glad today's over, but the next week is going to be rough. Making sure that everyone's stitches heal, they get their medicine, and nobody has any complications. I'll be glad when it's all over. And I also got my finished item done for the day, even though I thought about not doing it. These are a pair of tights that I made for P.J. before I ended up changing gears, since they weren't fitting her. They actually fit Charlotte much better anyway. So today I finished the seams and added a snap. I also took it in a bit at the knees, it was actually a bit baggy there. Another thing done!

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