Friday, August 26, 2011

Welcome Skipper!

Well, got to go out again. We're now three days in a row, which must be a personal record. But when we're dropping my brother off at school we're already out and have some time to kill until he's ready to get picked up, which is usually a few hours. Today we sent out to specifically get Skipper (as well as some things in case we get hit with that Hurricane that's expected). And we did! Get Skipper that is. I also was able to look at the Malibu dolls. Ken is from Hong Kong, so I'm not interested in him anymore, Barbie I was unwilling to pull down her swimsuit to see where she's from, but I checked her foot for "Japan" (my other doll has that marking), but did not see it. I'm still toying with getting her, but I'm not sure. Don't know if I really need another Malibu doll, especially at that price. I did manage to also flip through the pile of clothes in the case too. Saw several interesting things, and some were more modestly priced than what I was expecting, but still things were out of my price range, but I don't really collect the vintage clothes. The majority of the clothes in the collection I've amassed compared to actually searched for. It's much more fun to make my own! Anyway, Skipper was originally 19 dollars, even with the cut hair. The guy was automatically willing to drop it down to 17, but my Dad asked if he would call the seller if they'd be willing to go even lower. So he did, and they were. I was able to get Skipper for 15, plus tax. Yay! Now that I have her, I'm all set with the dolls from that store, unless I decide I want the Malibu Barbie.
In the car I was able to look at her. Like P.J. she had her hair hacked off. She's going to be another re-root project. But at least her face paint stunning. She was also very, very dirty. Like her legs were covered in a yellow patina. There were a few spots where it was still the original pink, the rest was covered with yellow dirt. I was a little concerned that her legs would be forever yellow, but I was able to remove some of it with just a little spit, so I knew that she'd eventually clean up. Her elbows are broken, but her knees are still nice and firm. An interesting thing to note, she came with her original swimsuit, which still had the original plastic tie held on my the original thread. Those usually get lost. I didn't even realize she still had hers until I was in the car with her.
Anyway since we still had some time to kill, we went to more local second hand stores. We went to the Antique Mall, where I saw a vintage Ken with a messed up torso for nine dollars that I passed on. I don't need another Ken in poor shape, if he was cheaper maybe, but not for nine dollars. We also went to the creepy antique store, our first visit in months, but didn't find anything interesting. I didn't see much different there than last visit. She still had the Chrissy doll there that she tried to sell me last time, claiming it was a friend of Barbie's. So we didn't end up with anything there and went to go pick up supplies for the Hurricane.
After that at home I worked on Skipper. Taking an old toothbrush and some soap and water and scrubbed her legs. Took forever, but they are not a nice pink compared to that icky yellow. I also washed her arms and face. She was a very dirty doll, but she's now much cleaner. Still a couple of spots that need to be scrubbed again, but it's a wonderful improvement. She still needs a re-root and to be dressed, but she really is a cutie.
When she was done getting bathed I made a decision. That Sport and Shave Ken I bought a while back? I'm not going to keep him. He's much too new for the vintage collection. Once I let him in, that will open the doors for the 80's dolls, and I don't want that. I'm already having a hard time with a Superstar Barbie in the vintage collection. So I'm letting him go. I went and posted him over on the Sell and Show page. While I was doing that I also posted Ariel and some other stuff I've been meaning to post as well. It felt good doing that. Those weights are off my shoulders and if people want them they can contact me, and if they don't, I've done my part.
Finally for my finish it up project for the day I have these shorts. I made them as the undershorts to go with that party dress I made for Skipper before she arrived. I cut them too big, and sewed them too big, so they didn't fit. (They were, get this, too big!) So it was easier to make another pair than to redo this one, so it went into the box. So today I took it out, removed all the stitches and redid it. It's now another pair of shorts for Skipper. I did mess up one cuff, but it's not too glaringly obvious. Plus, I doubt that I'm really going to be using these shorts much. Like all vintage dolls, the Skipper and Skooter ones don't change their clothes a lot, and when a new one arrives I'm much more likely to make something new than take something out of the bags.

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