Saturday, August 13, 2011

What a crappy morning...

Literally. I was woken up this morning by Little Girl. It was 6 am and she/he was awake, and felt I needed to be awake too. I ignored her, trying to go back asleep until 6:30, when I had to give up sleeping when I heard her going to the bathroom... but not in the litter box. Such a great way to start the day. So I had to get up and clean that up. But I got her back good though, since she woke me up, I went downstairs and gave her her medicine! Bwahahahaha! Downstairs I ran into Waffles, who had his own poo issue. Somehow he had gotten some caught in his fur, so I had to cut it out of his fur. Gross, right? He's never had that happen before, and I hope he's never going to have that happen again. Such an icky morning.
Luckily, that was all the icky stuff that I had to deal with today, really I had reached my limit for that by 7:30 in the morning. The rest of my morning and afternoon was much more clean, but with lots of hand washing. Since I purchased all those fabric the other day, I figured it was time to start at least one project. Since the red stretch velvet is for Christmas, and the brocade is for a project I haven't decided on yet, that left the pink checked fabric. I already had a project for that when I bought it. I'll explain; the other day when I was over on Flickr I saw a photo that someone had posted of a vintage (non Barbie) doll box. The illustration on the box was of this delightful pink and white checked dress, really cute. Here's the image for anyone interested in seeing the source: The box. I asked if they actually made that dress or if it was just an illustration, turns out they did make it. But it really looked nothing like the image itself, which was so disappointing. Here's that picture if you wanted to see it; The actual dress. It's the one on the far right. See what I mean? It looks nothing like the adorable picture on the box. And I know I could do a closer representation of that illustration. I just needed to find the fabric, and I did that on Thursday. I literally stumbled into the perfect fabric for it. If that wasn't a sign, I don't know what is. I needed some eyelet material too, but that I already had.
I started off with the bodice. I made it out of the same pattern as Charlotte's Christmas dress. I was even able to use the same neckline as that dress. It was already just how I needed it. I ended up lining it with more of the checked fabric. The sleeves went in pretty easily. If I had to complain about something, I'd mention that the sleeves are a little bit longer than I was hoping for. The sleeves are the right length, but with the eyelet material, they were a touch too long. It's just that the eyelet material was too long, but there's no better option. It's a minor gripe. The bodice actually came out pretty easily, it could have been a lot worse. I manged to get it all sewed up, and it fit pretty well. I was using Julia as my dress form since she was nude and on the desk. It even looked cute on her. I thought about keeping her in it, but I want to dress her in something else. Not sure what yet, but this isn't it.
For the skirt, I made a rookie mistake. I had my pattern, but it was looking a little short, and I wanted a full skirt. So against my better judgement, I made the skirt super long. And I hemmed it, also in the eyelet material. I was attaching the skirt to the bodice when I realized this was much too much fabric for the skirt. Of course I learned it too late to actually fix it. This dress is going to have a very full skirt. If I ever make it again, I'll keep that in mind. But other than that little pitfall, it was pretty easy. I managed to get the whole thing finished today, snaps and everything. I won't lie, it's pretty darn cute. I'm not much of a pink person, but this is darling, even though since the skirt's so full it keeps flipping up.
After the dress was finished, I still needed to make the head scarf. I made this the way that I normally do, this isn't my first head scarf, but I did do something a bit different. Instead of regular lining, this one is lined with some tulle. That way I didn't have to deal with narrow hems, and I didn't have as much bulk as I get sometimes. I liked how this turned out too. Really cute, will have to use that again for the next time I make a head scarf. I got that finished too.
So then it was all done. All I had to do was find out who was going to wear it. It did look cute on Julia, but I wasn't in love with it on her. I tried it on Charlotte, cute, but could be just as cute on someone else, and Sweet Sixteen, a little too mature for her. I did manage to find someone to wear it. It ended up on my Trench Setter Silkstone, who's been unofficially on the redress list. She gave her black dress back to Charlotte, and I disliked to what she changed into, so I was looking for something to put her in. And this looks amazing on her. It's such a cute look on her, even when it's flipping up and showing off her underwear. Originally she was in just a pair of panties, but I ended up giving her the bloomer shorts that Sweet Sixteen was wearing. I guess I'm going to have to make her another pair. But Trench Setter was dressed, and adorable. I took her outside for a photo shoot. I've already put her back on the bookshelf, and she fits well with the other Silkstones. I did have to put a safety pin in her skirt to anchor it to the undershorts so she would be decent. Hopefully in time it will learn to stay down on it's own. It's just so cute! But a bit flirty and sexy too!
And even though I did so much sewing today, I also got my finish it up project done for today. It's really more of a redo than a finish it up. I had this large rectangle of muslin where I had attached the heart trim to it. Can't remember why, but I know it wasn't working. Maybe it was for the regency dress? Anyway, I took it apart, put the muslin fabric into the fabric storage, and used the trim. I made another off the hip underskirt for Charlotte. I've made several for her lately, but other dolls kept taking them. So she needed one, and I was able to make her one, using trim that I had already cut. I was able to improve it compared to the last one I had made. I even added a ribbon rose to it at the bottom. I figured, I have them after complaining not finding them, so I might as well use them. This way I will know which one's Charlotte's and not steal it from her again! (I'm sure I'll steal it again, and I'm sure she won't mind... a whole lot.) Plus, it's just so pretty!

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