Saturday, August 27, 2011

A windy day... am I in OZ?

We got our part of hurricane Irene today. We were prepared with flashlights and things like that, but we were far enough inland to not have most of the effects of the storm. We just got some heavy winds around here all morning, and part of the afternoon. We were lucky, my sister in Raleigh lost power for a bit, and lots more places were slammed by it. Right now it's traveling up the coast to make trouble for the upper east coast. I hope it dies down, I hope my family in Connecticut aren't affected by this dangerous storm.

For the finishing it up project for the day, I picked this skirt. It's another pleated skirt made from that John Deere plaid fabric. I made this as another part of the failed project of dressing the TNT Barbie. So with this and the white shirt from the other day you can piece together "the outfit that never was". With this I got just as far as making the holding stitches in the skirt before I called it quits. So today I decided to finish it. But I did it a little differently that usual. I had a scrap of fabric left over that I wanted to use for the waistband, but it wasn't wide enough to fold over. So instead I used tulle to line the waistband. It's an interesting technique, and does cut out some of the bulk at the waistline, which is good to know. Other than that this is just another pleated skirt that I was able to finish and get out of the box. Yay! This one I might actually use too.

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