Saturday, August 20, 2011

You need to learn when to fold 'em.

I spent several hours working on a dress today. Do I have pictures of my work? No, because I ended up scrapping the entire darn thing. Really hate when that happens. Has that ever happened to you? Really, I shouldn't have spent so much time on the dress, I should have cut my losses earlier and saved my time (and my sanity). This was a dress that started off for Skooter, then moved onto Midge, then Charlotte, then Francie. It was on Francie that I threw in the towel and threw the ugly thing into the unfinished project box, where it may never see the light of day ever again. Stupid, stupid dress. It can rot for all I care.
But today wasn't filled with working on that stupid, stupid dress. I also went out shopping for a bit. I'm now trying to save up for Living Skipper, even though she's had a hair cut, she's the next doll on the list. Now that I have Ricky she comes next. Still have to see if the Malibu dolls are from Japan or not. I would like to say that I was very good, even though we hit up all of the local antique stores, and the three usual second hand stores. We even went out to another second hand store I found in town. I was over on Craigslist looking for dolls and found a store in Asheboro that had a Midge case for 20 dollars. It was posted back on July 21st, so I wasn't sure if they still had it or not. Either way I wasn't interested in the case, I was more interested in other stock they had. So we went today, and I was not really impressed. Turns out however, that the store is next to the Quilting Coop. (I did not even bother checking that store) I didn't see anything that was of interest for me at the second hand store. They actually did have the Midge case still there. Maybe down the road I'll decide that I have to have it and get it. Ha! That will be the day. I only got two things while out, at the Salvation Army. An Ariel doll (for resale) and a cameo pin that I have plans for. So I was very careful with my purchases, or at least better than some other times where I'm trying to be good.
For the finish it up project for the day I pulled out something that went into the box recently. Actually, it hadn't made it into the box yet, but was going to. It was a replacement pair of undershorts I made for Sweet Sixteen after I took hers to give to Trench Setter Silkstone. So I made her another pair, sort of like how I keep having to make Charlotte new underskirts since somebody keeps stealing them. Anyway, when I made the shorts for some reason they ended up being way too big for her. I thought I used the same pattern, but these shorts had much too much room in the hips, and looked terrible. So I gave up on them and put her in the underwear that the Silkstone was wearing, and left these shorts on my table. Today I was moving some stuff around and came across them. Since they were so big in the hips I wondered if Charlotte could wear it instead. And I tried it on her, and it fit! So I ended up finishing it so I can use it on the BB dolls. It just needed the usual finishing up. Although, I will say. This month has been killer on snaps. I'm going to need more soon! But first things first, does anyone need a pair of undershorts?

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