Tuesday, August 9, 2011


And I continue my exhaustion streak today. Last night was worse than normal. In a note of irony, I had taken a sleep aid to help me sleep. I was commiserating to my mother my sleep issues earlier in the day and she offered me a sleeping pill that she had gotten when she was having sleep troubles of her own. She claimed that they really didn't do much for her when she tried them, but I was desperate so I took one and took it before bed. And guess what? It didn't affect me either. Again I found myself unable to sleep. I was so awake that I actually ended up turning on the television and watching it for a bit until I finally felt tired enough to go to bed. Woke up in the middle of the night too. So I guess that medicine is something that both my mother and I are immune to.
So I've been a bit of a zombie today. Really, I can just manage to shuffle around the place and my focus is terrible. All I'm focused on are brains... right? I did manage to pick up in the room some. I've really let it get messy around here, and that's so not cool, can't find anything when it's a mess like it is. Beyond that I didn't do much. I did force myself to work on getting a few things packed so I can get them into the mail tomorrow. I didn't mention it, but on Sunday I had another pattern from Etsy sell! Pretty psyched with that. A good chunk of my early listings renewal date is coming up and I would love to sell as many as I could before I had to pay to re-post them. I've been lowering their prices as time goes on in order to sell them. I guess my original prices were too high, I'm certainly learning as I go. I also had two trades get set up in the past few days. So I have those both ready to go now, packed and ready to ship!
My first trade is an Asian G.I. Joe for a Julia body. Isn't that exciting? I've been trying to expand my collection to include either Julia or Christie (and in a dream world Black Francie), but haven't had much luck on any of them. I was hoping to get Julia as one of my birthday presents, but kept getting outbid so I changed my sights on getting Casey (also a doll missing from my collection). I managed to get Casey, but was still wanting Julia. The other day I got contacted about the Joe, asking if I wanted to do a trade. I'm always willing to do a trade. They ended up having a Julie body, and I jumped at it! She's got some issues, but don't we all? Ha! They really don't seem that major to me, I have dolls with worse. So, I'm partway to getting my first Julia. Exciting right?
The other trade literally happened today. Yesterday over on "In the Pink" Barbie forum someone posted looking for a type of body in a specific skin tone. I had the body, but not in the skin tone they were looking for. I offered it anyway, since it's just hanging around here. She e-mailed me about it, and we has some back and forth. She had a different doll that the body I had would work for. I sent her a few pictures since I wasn't sure it would be a perfect match for the doll she had, and I'd hate to trade with her and have her be unhappy. She seemed to think that it would be a close match, so we traded. So I'm sending her the body I have for; get this, a pivotal body, in a pale color. I'm hoping that it'll be a good match for Vanessa. I would love to get an articulated body for her. I was hoping to get one of the soon to be released Barbie Basic dolls since there's one that's articulated and in pale skin tone. But they are supposed to be in short supply, plus that's a lot of money to drop on just a body. But if this body works, it's the best solution short of getting her an actual fashion royalty body. I just hope that I like that pivotal body, they're a bit different than the belly button body, and I love the belly button body. I also hope her clothes continue to fit. I'd hate to have to make her something new. Ick! And if it doesn't work for Vanessa, I do have a couple other heads that could stand to get a new body. Time will tell for that though.
Also... remember the Julia body I'm trading for? (The one I mentioned two paragraphs above?) I'm getting a head for her. I won one on E-bay just this evening. When I knew I was going to get the body, I want over to E-bay to see what my options are. I found one that someone was selling that nobody had bid on, closing in one day. I opened the auction at 1.99, and waited. I was unchallenged until the last half hour, when somebody bid 5.00. Luckily my top bid was 5.99, so I kept the top bidder spot at 5.50. It's weird though, after they made a bid and raised the total they never bid again, so I won it. I'm not crying foul and someone bid against me just for the sake of raising the final bid, but it's odd. I don't think I've ever had something happen to me like that before. She cost me nine dollars including shipping, but she's mine. She also comes with her original nurses outfit in need of some repair. Not sure what I'm going to do with that, but you never know, somebody might become a nurse. Probably not Julia since I have such an aversion to people wearing their original outfits. I mean in the collection only five people are wearing anything they came in. So I can't wait to get the body and the head so I can reunite the two of them and have my first AA vintage doll. Can't wait she's so pretty. The photo of the head is from the seller, and I had to do a screen grab to get it. They made it so I couldn't copy the image directly. So I don't own the image outright, but I will remove it if asked and whatnot. But that would be a pretty petty thing to do. I don't own the image but I have paid for the ownership of the things it's an image of.
Anyway, my finish it up project of the day still happened. I picked something simple since I didn't really trust myself with needles and scissors for too long. This is an apron I made for an attempt for dressing the Free Movin' Barbie I got last month. This is your first time hearing about is since it happened during my week break from blogging. I ended up scrapping the whole project because I wasn't happy with it. I managed to finish this apron before I went in another direction for it. Today I trimmed extra threads, did some seam reinforcements, and glued the ribbon ends to keep it from fraying. I already have a application in mind for this apron, but it'll have to wait until I tell you... it's a secret!

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