Thursday, September 8, 2011

And just like that I'm back to square one...

I got to go out again today, and I did. There were two reasons for going out today. The first one was that I had a belated Birthday card I needed to send to my friend in Connecticut. His birthday was in the end of August and I didn't send him a text or anything on the actual day. Sad part is, I knew it was his birthday, I just couldn't remember if it was the 25th or the 27th. So I decided to cut my losses and just send him a card after the fact, finally getting it done today. Glad that I was able to get that all done and taken care of.
The second reason why I went out requires you to recall yesterday when I was working with the Barbie and Ken from the re-dress list. While I was working with Ken I was looking at him more closely. He's that really poor condition Ken that I bought a while back (and dubbed Edmund). He has a ton of issues; his head is severely cracked, he is missing an arm, his one remaining arm is missing it's thumb, his head and remaining arm has shrunk, and he had totally gone pale except for his torso. Actually the only decent part of him was his torso. I bought him because he was local, cheap, and I felt bad seeing him at the antique store time and time again. I got him around the beginning of the blog, so if you're interested you can go back and read about him. He was also the first doll from the "Set it Aside Sunday" theme days, you can read about that in the archives as well. Anyway, the outfit I made for him yesterday ended up being a wash, so I quit and went about my business.
But he stayed on my mind. He was just in really rough shape, probably the worst in my collection, and if you know my collection that says a lot. Quite honestly he's not a doll that could use a simple body upgrade, his head is in bad shape too, only his torso would be worth reusing. But then I remembered something. There was that Ken doll at the Antique mall, in decent shape, except for his torso. I know I balked at the doll originally, but could this be a way to combine the two and get a decent condition Ken out of it? I was confident enough in my joint swapping abilities, but would I be able to do it emotionally? I know it's nutty but I'd feel bad using Edmund for his parts. It's just that he's in such bad shape, much more than my skill level of repair. So while I was a little uneasy about doing the body swap, I decided to get him, and deal with the guilt afterwards. But I had to go get him before I could do a body swap, if he was still even there.
Luckily he was still there. He was marked 18 dollars, and was half off. Even though that made him 9 dollars, it was a still a bit much for a Ken doll only for parts. I had recently purchased a full Ken for that price. So I let my Dad do the bargaining he's so good at. They called the person who ran the stall and she was willing to go down to seven for the doll. Which I was much more pleased with. So he came home with me. I would have gotten him for nine, but I like him much better for seven.
At home I quickly did the body swap with a lot of boiling water. And I had a new-ish decent condition Ken doll. All that was left was to dress him. Since Edmund the first was on the re-dress list and this guy took his spot (and torso) that meant he was also on the re-dress list. Luckily I had already started a new outfit for him this morning anticipating his arrival. I had started thinking about it last night. It was basically an adaptation of a Letterman's sweater. I started off with making a red sweatshirt/fake sweater. This is actually the pattern for modern Ken t-shirts, but on the vintage body it makes a baggy sweatshirt. I used the red jersey for the main shirt, and used a different red jersey with more noticeable ribbing for the collar, cuffs, and bottom. They're a little bit different in color difference, but not too extreme. For decoration on it, I cut a K out of white felt and tacked it to the front. I guess I should have done school letters, but it's my collection, and I can do what I want! I also made him a pair of white pants. These are different because they are lined with tulle, just because I wanted to see how that would work. I did make them a little too tight, so you have to be careful they don't give a little peek in the front. I did manage to use my last metal snap on them. Now I only have black colored snaps, and there's only a few of those left.
Finally he got white socks (that I had made previously), as well as Edmund the first's white sneakers. And like that he was dressed! And in better news, I now have another doll I can cross off the redress list, which is good because there's more a-comin'. And all it cost me was nine dollars and waiting another week for a different Barbie. Worth it?
I think so.

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