Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How do spell spoiled?

First off, I'm not super sore today. So I guess my walk was a bit easier on my body yesterday than last time I went out for my walk. My left leg is a little tight, but it's better than having sore ankles. I did however skip writing this morning. I just wasn't feeling it. Instead I'll make up that on Thursday, I'll make sure I get my page done.
Instead of writing, I went out shopping again! Originally I declined going since I'm trying to save up for my next Barbie doll. But I was told I could get her a week early if I wanted to, which would be this upcoming Thursday. But then someone pointed out that today was two days earlier, so it wouldn't be too outrageous if I got her now, which was fine by me. So we set out this morning ready to get another doll.
Luckily she was still there. Which isn't too surprising. I've seen a lot of these dolls over and over again since we've started shopping at that store. I don't think there's a lot of turn around there. But you want to know who she was? She's a Hair Fair Barbie on a Sweet Sixteen body. She has some paling over on one ear, and her torso is very swingy (and I do mean very), but other than that she's in really nice condition. Her eyelashes are nice and full, her body is in decent shape, and her face paint is stunning. She was originally 27 dollars, but 20 percent off. The man running the shop was willing to go down to 20 plus tax. So we got about 26 percent off of her, which is nice. She's my first Hair Fair Barbie, which is a double edge sword. I think she's lovely, and is a good addition to my collection, but this means that it's time to dress another 60's doll. Which in case you've forgotten is a huge issue with me. I'm so terrible with mid 60's sewing. But for some reason I keep taking the challenge no matter how much I complain about the last one. She did come dressed, in a Mattel fashion, but I can't remember the name of it. It was on her tag, but they end up keeping the tags at that store. Which is totally not helpful. She also came with a Kaiser (Sp?) stand, which I enjoy since I'm always in need of more stands, especially those kinds since they're so small and non-intrusive.
And I'm sure I'll get her dressed eventually. I did try making something for her today, but ended up not liking it on her by the end. I didn't finish it, but I may eventually come back to it, for a different application. Right now she's just standing with her stand on my desk, waiting for me to dress her. I hope I can get her dressed before the end of the month!

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