Friday, September 9, 2011

I am compelled to fill the box....

Another quiet day here today. I got asked if I wanted to go out today, but I was smart enough to decline and to stick with it. Instead I worked on dressing Free Moving Barbie... today I made three different attempts at dressing her. All of them flops and all of them in the unfinished project box in various stages of completion. Maybe I should stick her back into the closet and forget about her. She's been just as much trouble as Ricky and Skooter. At this rate I'd be able to do an entire Finish it up Friday based on stuff I've made for her alone, if I was still doing theme days that is. Sadly a lot of the re-dress list is made up of dolls like that. Although I am thinking about removing Mod Midge from the list since I still haven't done her re-root so I really can't dress her. Adding her to the list was totally putting the horse before the cart. So next month I'm just going to cross her off the list, to be added back later, when I've finally gotten around to doing her re-root. (Whenever that may be.)
Also on the doll front today I did some cleaning. Lately I've noticed some people's greasy faces have returned with a vengeance. Part of the problem is apparently how I cleaned them before. I was told that you were supposed to clean them with rubbing alcohol, but turns out that doing that only makes the plastic break down quicker. So today I pulled down several dolls of the shelf and washed them. This time picking good old water and ivory soap. I washed Francie, Talking Barbie, Allan, a blond Bubblecut, a blond Midge, the brunette Ponytail, and a blond Ken. This was also a good chance to take off their clothes to check for stains as well as brush their hair and dust them. So everyone looks good after their face washings, a lot more matte and a lot less glossy. I hope that this helps wash off some of the rubbing alcohol I used and they're going to be less likely to get super greasy. Finger's crossed for me, I still have several dolls to go on this shelf, then I get to go do the ones on the other shelves.

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