Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I made good on my threat...

The one I made yesterday, when I said I was going to put away Ricky and Skooter and focus on other dolls in the collection. Which I did, well I put Skooter away. Ricky is still on my table, but I didn't do anything with him today, I just couldn't be bothered to put him in the closet with Skooter. Same thing really. Instead I dusted off some other dolls and worked with them. It was Edmund (A poor condition Ken doll and Free Moving Barbie's turn today. I made each off them an outfit, each of which I ended up hating, so into the box they went. Sadly all my sewing today was a total wash, but I shouldn't be too shocked since the past few days I got both Living Skipper and Malibu Barbie dressed, usually my creative bursts flair out after two dolls and I'm back to trying different things until something sticks. I should be at least happy that I got those two dolls dressed, and I am.
Skipped my walk again today, my foot's been acting up, plus I'm not really too thrilled to be out walking when it's so hot. I'll be happy when things cool down a little bit, or at least will be until it starts getting cold again. I did do my crunches and arm exercises, so good for me. I also got some unplanned walking in when I went out shopping today. Can you believe it's almost been a full week since I've been out of the house? Lately I've been going out every five minutes it seems like. But today was a shopping day, and I needed to go out and get something into the mail. So I was able to take care of that and get it off my back. Now I'd like to say that I was good when I was out, but I wasn't. I ended up buying something, but it was something that I've decided to resell. It was a couple of bags of Barbie furniture. There was a couch, a Windsor chair, an dining room chair, a fridge (filled with food), a crib, a wardrobe, a media wardrobe, and several other things. I wanted to see if the couch and chairs would look better than the ones I'm already using in the collection, but I decided against keeping them. They are terribly low for Charlotte, so I decided to pass them on to someone else. They're actually really nice looking. They're marked 1996, so I guess they were made before everything in Barbie's world turned Pink. They're still over at the Dollpage if anyone's interested, just remember it's first come first serve! I just hope they sell so I can recoup my losses and make my being bad seem not so bad.
I wonder if tomorrow will be better in terms of sewing, or will it be another day where I just get to feed the box of unfinished projects?
Time will tell, time will tell...

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