Saturday, September 10, 2011

Keeping up with the theme from yesterday...

Another quiet day around here. Not a whole lot to report. I ended up returning back to one of the outfits I started yesterday. I was thinking about it and decided that I was giving it a raw deal. So I took it out of the box, and worked on it some more, even though I had to take it totally apart in order to keep working on it. I got much further with it, including making a few other outfit pieces before I decided that again it was not the look I was going for. So I quit again, and put it back into the box. At least I managed to finish part of it, but it was just another simple skirt. Just like the ones I make as underskirts, just this time made in yellow. So I guess my journey continues on figuring out what to dress Free Moving Barbie in.
After that I moved onto something else, something other than sewing... more video games! If you're mainly interested in the doll stuff, feel free to stop reading at this point. I had stopped playing them since the last time I had blogged about it, but today the urge came back. But instead of going back to Role Playing Games, I went to another genre that I enjoy, fighting! I'm not much of a violent person in real life, but I do like fighting games. Part of the draw is that I really enjoy video games with strong characters, and also games that you don't need to play for hours to get anywhere. Fighters are perfect for when you just want to sit down and play and get something accomplished under a half hour, compared to RPG's where a half hour could get you through the intro (if that). I started off with Dead or Alive Ultimate 2, playing that on and off while sewing. Eventually I got tired of that and stopped (Both the game and sewing). I've had that game since college and have logged in many, many, many hours over the years. From time to time I dust it off and see if I still have my skills. Usually it takes a couple matches before I get the swing of things. Did well today, broke a few new records, which is always nice.
Eventually I went and borrowed the PS2 from my brother again. While I enjoy my X-box I only have a dozen or so games for it, and out of those, only a few of those I actually play. I have many other games for the PS2, just not the system. This time along with the PS2 I borrowed We Heart Katamari, and another game I hadn't played in a while. It took me about a half hour before I remembered why I hadn't played Katamari for a while. Once you beat it, it's not as fun, not a lot of replay value in that for me.
So I switched over to the other game I borrowed... Evil Zone! I'm sure you've never heard of it, it's an older game that didn't make a big splash over here (or in Japan for that matter). It's actually a PSOne game, another fighter. I've had it forever and I'd easily put it under my top three games. I'm sure not everyone would like it like I do, it's got so many issues with it. The graphics are terrible, the controls are super simple, the dub tracking is terrible, but I love it. It's just got amazing characters, and I think the story mode is really well set up. But the characters are the main draw for me. I think I've said this before, but I'm more than willing to overlook many issues if I like the characters, but if the characters suck it could be the best game ever and I still won't play it. I just wish the game had been more popular and warranted a sequel.
Honestly if I ever was in a position at a video game company, I'd champion for this game to be remade. It just has so much potential.
And now here's something that ties it into dolls. I've honestly thought about making dolls of the characters, or at least the ones I like. Luckily the game designers were kind enough to include a lot of production art on the disk itself so you can find some really nice images, including static images of the characters, front, side and back. And from looking at the costumes, I think it wouldn't be too impossible to make certain ones. For the majority of the characters they wear clothing based on real life items. And a great deal of them avoid prints and wear solid colors. I have three favorites that if I ever decided to make these characters I would definitely make them. (And possibly only make them.) So I think that making their clothes wouldn't be the hard part. It's going to be harder painting their faces and styling their hair. Neither are my strong suit. I guess I can add that to the pile of projects I want to do at sometime in my life...

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