Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Meet the last addition for the collection for this month.

Remember how I swore I was done getting dolls for this month, after I was done with a few things I had in the works? Well, this is the end of those things. Actually she's a bit of a switch on those things. The fifth and final doll I had in the works for this month was a Malibu Francie (Hair Fair was number one, you have yet to meet two through four). I had a short conversation about getting one from someone over on "In the Pink" about getting one, but they said they would get back to me over the weekend. Which was over a week ago at this point. I didn't want to bother them, so I just let it go. I'm sure I'll get my Malibu Francie eventually. But anyway, today I was over on Etsy paying my bill when I found someone had posted a TNT Skipper with Banana curls. She was in decent shape, one foot nibbled, missing most of her eyelashes, but everything still bent, and her makeup was great. Also her hair was so lovely. The best part? She was only 25 dollars, 30 including shipping. Which was exactly what I had. She had only been posted for 30 minutes, but I knew that if I waited she would be gone quick. That was a really nice price for her so someone else would have snagged her up if I didn't. Luckily that's the amount that I had in Paypal so I bought her then and there. And just like that I have a second blond TNT Skipper. Which means I have to dress her. I guess the first one was so easy to dress that I didn't feel I suffered enough in dressing her I had to get a second one to make sure I did. I guess I can add another mod doll to the pile! (These are the Seller's pictures and not mine)
Also I was bad today with my diet. I was downstairs watching TV for two hours in the evening and I tired to be good, but I splurged. You know what I had? Two bowls of salad with low fat dressing. Even my food splurges are boring! I'll be happy when this Wedding is over and I can snack again from time to time. (But really I shouldn't!)

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