Monday, September 5, 2011

My Big Announcement

Remember that I had that big announcement I was going to do at the start of the month, but had to hold off of because my sister was coming? Well here it is... I'm going to be doing a lot more exercise in the next couple of months! So while we said goodbye to "Finish it up" for the month of August, we can welcome in "Move your butt" September. That's a working title, I'll keep refining on it. The reason is that my sister is getting married in November, I'm her Maid (Man) of Honor, and I want to look my best. Plus I've also noticed that I've been chubbing back up from when I was working out before. I'm nowhere as near as where I was before, but I certainly don't want to go back to where I once was. Ideally I'd like to keep getting skinner. And there's only one way to get back to that; Diet and Exercise. (Gross) Both of which I've been lax on for a while. I've basically stopped exercising, and been really bad with my diet. Still better than before, but there's a lot more snacks and cheats in the past couple of months. But that stops now. I've already cut out all snacking from my meals. Also I'm going to eventually work on cutting down on the amount of foods that I eat during my meals. Wish me luck.
I'm also going to be doing more exercise, starting today. I went on a long walk today. It was... interesting. It ended up being longer than I was expecting since I got my roads mixed up. Luckily I was able to sort it out and get back home. But I will say, man was it hot today. My shirt was drenched in sweat. I really should have taken water with me, my dad even suggested I should, but I was bone headed and said I'd be fine. Apparently according to Google maps I walked more than 4.5 miles today, no wonder I'm so tired, even back when I was walking a lot I only walked 6 miles maximum, and that was something I built up to. Anyway, I'm also going to be working on my arms and my stomach, those are the two areas that need the most work. My legs are in better condition because they're used to lugging around a whole lot of me!
In the evening, after I had rested from my tiring walk, I did some sewing for Ricky, after a terrible, terrible, terrible struggle with getting the pattern to print out correctly. I decided I wanted to try making Ricky a cowboy shirt, so I did. I was winging it as I went, but it actually came out pretty decently. Sadly when I was all done with the initial sewing I decided that I didn't like the look so I scrapped it. Eventually I'll go back and finish the shirt, but right now I'd rather not spend the time on something I know I don't want to use. It's actually been really hard designing something for Ricky. It's just menswear is so boring, it's had very little style changes in the past 100 (plus) years. No wonder I have more fun with Barbie.
Sorry Ricky!

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