Monday, September 12, 2011

Quiet days

Like the title says it was a quiet day here today. Not a whole lot getting done with dolls, in fact I don't think I even touched a doll except for Charlotte. And with her it was just to move her out of the way.
But, I did get around to going for my walk today! I haven't managed to do it since last week because my ankles have still been sore, plus it's been too darn hot. But I decided that a week was more than enough time to mend from my last walk, so I set out again today. This time taking water with me, lesson learned from last time. It went... okay. It's still super hot and really tiring, but I managed to do the entire 4.5 mile walk. It was easier since I knew that the way I was going would eventually lead me home. I actually had someone stop and ask if I needed a ride home, which was funny. Nice, but funny. Even though this was my second trip out, I was still really tired by the end of it, had someone stopped then I might have taken the ride, even if it was only the final 30 feet to my front door.
Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive!

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