Thursday, September 1, 2011

Redress List for September

I've been actually looking forward to posting this. I'm super curious to see where I stand in terms of redressing people, although I honestly think there's not a lot of turn around this month.
Anyway, the Redress List for September stands at;

Teen Skipper,
Sweet Sixteen,
Mod Midge,
Free Movin' Barbie,
Living Skipper

Dolls taken off the list: Julia, Blond TNT, Superstar Barbie, Sports & Shave Ken,
Integrity Toys Doll 2,
Dolls added to the list: Julia, Living Skipper, Ricky

Well then, it looks like I finally managed to trim the list down to a reasonable amount. There's only ten dolls still on it compared to last month. Julia managed to be the only doll that got on and off the list this month, but I've only had three new dolls this month. (Only three you ask?) Also two of the dolls crossed off the list have been because of them leaving the collection, not because I dressed them. But I did manage to get three dolls dressed this month, so that's a good thing!
Hopefully next month will keep up the trend of getting more dolls off the list than adding them.

I can always dream right?

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