Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday gets stuff done!

Had breakfast with my family this morning, sister and her fiance included (except without my brother). It was different but nice, I rarely see anyone when I head downstairs for breakfast, we're all on such different schedules. My dad made pancakes for everyone, but I declined sticking to my normal bread and butter meal. I did sit with everyone when I was having my cup of tea, so that was nice. My sister and her fiance left around ten like they were planning. They had a long drive to get to Asheville, seeing their play, than an even longer trip back home.
After they left I hung out for a bit downstairs, then wandered back upstairs. I had some cleaning to do... yes, more cleaning. But this time it was cleaning my room. In the past week it had gotten neglected and things have begun to pile up again, really a bad situation. So I spent a bit of time straightening things out and generally organizing. Nothing too extreme, but at this point every little thing helps. I was able to get a lot of things organized and put away so the room as a whole just feels neater. Still have plenty of things to still put away, but that can wait for another day. I also got new patterns listed over on Etsy. I really need to be more contentious about getting stuff into the store. I've had several things sell, and have not kept up my promise to add new things for every thing that sells. I started prepping these new patterns the other day, but only got to take pictures before I had to do something else. Today I was able to get three new patterns into my store. I still have three more that I have pictures done for but I ran out of steam after the first three. It's not an overly difficult process, but it still takes a while to post one. I'm sure I'll get around to it eventually, but at least I got those three out there!
I also got some sewing done today. I was looking at the outfit I created yesterday for Malibu and wasn't in any mood to finish it. Usually when that happens it means I'm having an issue with it... and I was. After leaving it along all night coming back to it made me realize that it was looking rather dowdy. It had crossed over from Marcia Brady into 9 to 5 territory. So I scrapped it. It went into the finish it up box. Luckily it's separates, so maybe there will be a life for one of the pieces some other time. So with that dealt with it was time to go back to the drawing board for Malibu Barbie. I was over on Flickr looking through a doll sewers group, mainly trying to get inspired for something for Skooter or Ricky. Did you know that they came well before TNT Skipper and Living Skipper and those two are already dressed? They're both being tricky, silly straight leg dolls. Anyway, I did not find anything for either of them, but I did find something I liked for Malibu. Only in order to make it would require, using the princess seam pattern I most recently failed with, inset sleeves, and a collar. Three things I'm certainly not pleased doing. But I am a slave to these little plastic creatures, so I made it.
It's a princess seamed dress, with cuffs and collars. It's different because instead of the dress being made from the same fabric for all the pieces (like the Chobits dress) the front panel is a different color. In the source it was a blue and while polka dot, but I did not have any fabric like that, but I wouldn't have copied the dress exactly. The blue was just the front panel, the rest was red. I kept the red, but changed the light patterned blue into a dark solid blue (But I did try several other colors with it). For the most part it was not too difficult, but I did have some difficulties with it. I managed to sew one half of it inside out, so I had to redo one side multiple times, as well as I had to redo the cuffs (they were too long), and one side I couldn't get the side seam to match up. But I managed to over come it, even the collar, which was a total pain, but finished. I also got most of it finished today. All that's missing in the back seam on the skirt. I really like this dress now, but it is a little tight in the bodice. You can see some straining going on in the bust. I don't think it's going to be too much trouble, but at least I know if Barbie busts out of her top I can always remake it. I'll finish it tomorrow since it still needs the back hem and to be color fasted.
Luckily she's done, I can't have two Malibu dolls sitting around waiting to be dressed. (But that third doll isn't here yet, and is still a secret... shhhhhh.)

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