Saturday, September 3, 2011

They're here...

Sister's and Fiance's arrival day today. I had no idea when they were going to show up. Usually when they come for the day they come around two. Today they ended up not showing up until 4:30, which was fine by me.
I didn't do much cleaning today, I finished the bathroom, and swept the rooms that I had already cleaned previously. I didn't bother doing anything additional to the kitchen, nobody else did either. I can honestly say I believe I am the only one that did any cleaning for their visit. Usually I can at least count on some frantic last minute cleaning by everyone on the last day, but not this time. I really hope that's not a reflection of what will happen from now on. Because if it is, I certainly quit. I won't play that game. I was also able to skip going out today. I got invited several times, but since I'm being good, I was all set not going. Plus I went out yesterday, so not going the next day isn't that big of a deal.
Since I wasn't cleaning, I did do some sewing. I worked on dressing my second Malibu Barbie. I know she's dressed, but lately I just felt that it wasn't working for her, so I've been trying again. I didn't bother about adding her to the redress list for this month. Still on the fence about what I made for her today, so I'll have to get back to you on it. It's nowhere near finished, and I didn't get to do any work on it after our guests arrived.
Which they did, around 4:30 like I said. We sat around chatting for a bit, followed by dinner, where after that my father and my sister's fiance went out of the movies. They saw that new Helen Mirren film. My sister, my mother, and myself sat around chatting for a while. My brother quickly deserted us after dinner. Eventually we ended up watching Annie on cable. I just love that movies, it's just so darn cute. And Carol Burnett is AMAZING in it! Before the movie was over we all ended going our separate ways, it was late and everyone was tired.
Another long day.

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