Friday, September 2, 2011

"Work, work, work, He'll never get the dress done"

I started off my morning with some more cleaning... oh joy. It was today that I hit the wall, the point where I get to mad that I'm the only one cleaning when I'm not the only one making a mess. Usually then I quit, but today I kept going. I spent an hour forty five cleaning in the kitchen and the upstairs bathroom. The bathroom is mostly done, and the kitchen is nowhere near finished, but I don't care. Tomorrow I'm going to finish the bathroom, and sweep the floors of the places that I already cleaned. Anybody else can do the kitchen, because I don't care anymore.
I also went out in the afternoon. I needed to get several things into the mail, plus a local antique was having a sale this weekend "75 percent off"! I got my things into the mail (Yay), but the "sale" was a bust. The only thing that was 75 percent off was the stuff on the landing, which is usually 50 percent off normally. A couple stalls had 25 percent off signs on them, but not for any stalls that had anything I wanted. Besides, not to brag, but with my Dad there, we usually end up getting close to 25 percent off normally! So we didn't get anything there this week. Which I'm fine with, honestly I am. We also hit up the Antique Mall (nothing again) as well as the Christian Second Hand store, where I saw the saddest thing. They had two old Cabbage Patch Kid dolls there for sale, still with their original birth certificates attached. It was so sad to see that whoever owned them cared enough to make sure they kept that easily lost paper, but still got rid of them. It was literally like seeing an orphan for sale. Made me sad.
We also stopped in at Walmart, who has seemed to re-do their doll section. Their Monster High section is still going strong. This time I saw several of the Frankie and Draculaura clothing sets, among other new things. I haven't seen Abbie or Spectra yet, but I do check. I don't want them, but it's interesting to see new dolls that I've never seen in person. Right now the only thing that would really tempt me would be if I saw the Ghoulia fashion pack... or maybe Gloom Beach Frankie on sale as well.
I got out of there without buying anything as well, but wasn't lucky for the entire trip. I had to stop in to Hobby Lobby and pick up some stuff. I haven't shopped there in a while, but I needed a few things for several projects, and when one of those projects is for Sweet Sixteen, you get the materials. I ended up getting a spool of tulle (on sale), some yellow rick-rack, and a half yard of red and white checked gingham. I've already made the dress for Sweet Sixteen out of the gingham and hate it, so it's going into finish it up box. I'm disappointed that another dress I made for her doesn't work on her, but hardly surprised, she's so difficult to dress.
I'm exhausted, so see everyone tomorrow!

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