Monday, October 24, 2011

An actual update today!

I had some unusual dreams last night. Not terribly unpleasant, but certainly not pleasant. I rarely have what you'd call "happy" dreams. Either way it seemed to unblock some of the creative issues I've been having. I actually started off my morning with drafting a pattern. A Skipper dress. I used some of my older patterns as guides and created a half length sleeve dress pattern that's one piece. I did have to go back and fix it after the first dress I made from it didn't come out so hot. I'm actually not in love with the second version of the dress either. It's a totally legitimate dress, just not what I was looking for. I'm at the point where I need to add snaps, but I'm not going to. I'm just going to quit and go back to the drawing board. No need to keep working with something I'm already so unhappy with. So into the box it goes, along with the first attempt I made with this pattern. Maybe eventually I'll make something I like with it.
Also today was also the first day of wiping the acne cream off of Francie's face, and reapplying it. Doesn't seem to be any change yet to it, but it's only been a little bit under three days. It should take a bit longer to work. I did take pictures once I wiped it off to show the difference (if any). I'm going to check again on Thursday. So Francie will see you then!

In the later afternoon, I got a chance to go out shopping! Which is great for three reasons. First, I ran out of white thread this morning (every sewers nightmare!), second, I needed some supplies for my sister's wedding present, and third, come on, new stuff! I spent about ten dollars on supplies at Hobby Lobby and everything was something I needed for one of my projects.
You better believe that I got some white thread. It was very unsettling to be without it even for just a couple hours. I was able to use the forty percent off coupon on that, so it wasn't that expensive. I also got three spools of ribbon, one white (for my projects), one purple (for my sister's present), and one multicolored Christmas one (for the Holiday baskets). They were all on sale, half off, making each of them a dollar. I'm really starting a ribbon collection. I wonder, does anyone know the best way to store ribbon, something that allows easy access? Right now all mine are just shoved into a bag that's getting pretty full. Also I picked up some shiny tulle on a spool, again half off. I needed this for my sister's wedding present as well. They only had one, and it was without the plastic, but it was the only one! So I had to get it, who knows when they'll restock. I don't think there's anything wrong with it, but I have had things happen were I get messed over from people stealing from Hobby Lobby. I also got a half yard of these daisy looking trim stuff. It's over on the trim by yard section, so it wasn't on sale (thus the half yard). It looked like it would be perfect decorations for some dresses of mine. If I like it I might go back when ribbon by the yard is on sale and get another yard. If I like it that is. I also got a half yard of red and white checkered calico. It's not exactly what I wanted, but it'll do. More details about that one at a later date.

I actually was able to use one of the things I bought today, part of the daisy chain trim. One of the reason I bought it for was because of a certain dress I made. I can't remember if I even shared it with you. I made it for the second Malibu doll. It's a simple sheath dress, that I tried everything to make it fit decently. I could not get it to fit how I wanted it (and I really did try, this thing is covered in ripped out stitches), so it ended up being a sack dress. But even when it was decided it was going to stay a sack dress it was still very boring. It needed some sort of decoration. I tried several things to it (adding more sewing holes to the fabric), but nothing stuck. So I gave up on it. Today when I found the daisy chain, I knew this could help. So I cut off five and played around their placement. I found a positioning that I liked, and sewed them on. I could finally finish this dress! I just had to sew up the back seam and it was done. Don't have anyone to wear the dress (and even if I could I don't think I would), but I am super happy I finally finished it. It's been almost finished for so long! P.S. Skipping posting Charlotte's final part of her costume, this blog post has been far too long already. My hand's tired of typing.

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