Thursday, October 27, 2011

And the final Halloween post! Sort of...

All right, first off, today was the second time removing the acne cream from Francie's face. Like last time I took a picture to show the difference from last time. I've started labeling these pictures in order to remember in what order I took them. Again I do not see any real change between the before and the now. There might be some minor change, but I still haven't looked at the two photos side by side yet. Sunday is the next update on her.

And finally we have the last piece of the Halloween costume. I've dragged this out long enough. These are the accessories to the costume, and the most telling as to what it is. I only made one of these things, the other two I already had. The shoes are clogs made from actual wood. I did not make them, they came with some random souvenir doll that came in a lot. The doll got thrown away, but I did keep her shoes. Which is a good thing because without them, I doubt I would have made this costume in the first place. They don't actually fit Barbie's feet, but the fit is decent enough so that it doesn't look too weird. I tried making them fit, but was careful since I didn't want to ruin the shoes. It's not that big of a deal that they don't fit. It's just a Halloween costume, and Barbie doesn't walk around too much!
The flowers are another thing I didn't make. I got them from a tag sale, they were inside a Superstar Barbie's Children's Safe. I still have the safe too, I just don't keep any valuables in it. They're cheap plastic flowers, that I figured looked like tulips enough to fit. It is missing one flower though, I got it like that. It's not that noticeable though. I thought about trimming off the stem without the flower, but couldn't bear to do it. What would happen if I found a flower without a stem? I'd be kicking myself for sure!
But I did make the final accessory. I did have to turn to Google in order to find out how. I've never made a hat like that before. In fact I have not made many hats period. There's only three hats in the collection I've made. (I'm not counting head scarves, there's actually six of those.) I found a pattern for an old doll that included a hat. I used that to make it, just changing the sizing to fit Barbie. My first one was too small, but my second one fit decently. It's super easy to make. You just sew the material and the lining together (I made both sides white calico), snip the curves, flip it right side out, and sew the back seam together. I did curve the back seam a little to fit the head better. I also sewed the brim up to keep the points standing out, but that was it. It was super easy! Probably the least labor intensive hat I've made.
So, that's all the pieces of the costume. Any idea what it is yet? Well, even if you can't tell, I'm going to reveal it. It's a little Dutch girl! I've always had some sort of appreciation of Dutch culture, for some unknown reason. Maybe I was Dutch in a former life. Ha!
But there's also some bad news with this little reveal. It's no longer Charlotte's costume. Yes, she's lost another dress shortly after it was completed. But this is a little different. Instead I ended up going back to her original choice. Which speaks volumes about how much I liked it since last years original choice is still sitting in the box waiting for me to either finish it or throw it out. I worked out my problems with the dress, so it will again be Charlotte's costume for this year. I still need to get some supplies for it, so it's not ready for it's big debut. I'm not going to do another drawn out reveal for this one since it's only one real piece. And do not feel bad for the little Dutch girl costume. It ended up on re-rooted Midge and looks darling. In fact I've tried it on several dolls and it looks wonderful on a variety of people. So don't cry, this costume swap just means someone else gets a brand new costume for Halloween. And really isn't that the best?

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