Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another new doll to share with y'all

Still I continue with the introduction of new dolls, we are reaching the end of them (but not quite done yet). Sadly these dolls are heading right from the introduction post into the redress list. I'm amassing quite the collection of nude dolls. Hopefully I can actually sew something decent soon. Lately my creativity's been a little... tapped. At this rate there will be more naked dolls than dressed ones. Sad really...
Anyway, this is the TNT Skipper that I bought shortly before I left. She was 30 dollars, including shipping. I found her, and pounced on her, knowing that if I waited I wouldn't get a second chance at her. She would have been someone else's lucky find.
I bought her a few days before I left, so I was not shocked to find that she didn't arrive before I left, so she was another doll that I got to open in the truck as I traveled back to North Carolina. She really is a lovely doll, wish some minor issues. She does have some bites to her foot, and with her one eye totally devoid of eyelashes she looks a little bug eyed. But she is a cutie. Both knees still click (although I think her legs is broken on one leg above the knee). I do need to fix her hair. It's a bit more messy than my first TNT Skipper doll. I hate breaking those curls, but they're really messy. I just need to find out a way to reset them after I fix them. Does anyone have any suggestions?
I'm so terribly at hair.

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  1. I have not done this with vintage dolls (I don't have any) but to fix up hair like that I will take sections that I can tell go together (like an individual curl) and brush and restyle each one seperately.