Monday, October 3, 2011

First Full Day Back!

All right, today was a full day of unpacking and organizing. I got a fair bit done, but there's certainly a lot...lot...lot... more to go through. Right now I have a ton of stuff in my room where I'm not really sure where it's all going to go. Hopefully in time I can create some order around here, I always feel so out of sorts when everything is so cluttered.

Anyway, today's show off item for the day, doll shoes. You may remember my last big trip up north where I managed to bring back over 100 pairs of Barbie shoes, I think the official total was 107 pairs. Out of those 107, I think roughly half of those fit anybody, and fewer of those that fit went into the bags of shoes I plan on using, lots of them went into the bag of matched shoes I never plan on using. Anyway, this trip I barely managed to find any shoes. I think my last great haul was the majority of the shoes I have left, and from now on whenever I find shoes they're going to be one or two at the max. I only managed to find eight shoes this trip, six solo shoes and one pair of black boots. Back at home I managed to find matches for four of the six solo shoes in the bag of solo shoes I already collected last time.So from that trip I managed to find the matches to a pair of blue sneakers, a pair of sky blue modern sneakers, some silver pilgrim shoes, as well as a pair of Mary Janes. I know the Mary Janes aren't the same color, but they're the same mold for each, so I can recolor them to match. There's also those black boots I also found. I should point out that the silver shoes are in poor condition. There's a crack in one, and the other has several spots where the silver has worn off. They're also a bit too small for my dolls. They don't even fit the Mod dolls with their squishy feet. Oh well, they're matched and can go into the bag forever, maybe someday I'll find a doll who can fit them. Also going into the bag are the sky blue sneakers, not a real fan of that style. However I do plan on using the black boots, blue sneakers, and the Mary Janes if they come out well.
So while the trip was a wash, at least I found five new pairs of shoes, and I do love me some shoes!

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