Friday, October 21, 2011

Francie has a Mod, Mod, breakout! (Gasp!)

Okay, in order to tell this story, I have to start with another doll introduction. She might not be exactly new to you if you're friends with me on Flickr, and if you're not, how come we're not friends? You think you're better than me or something???
Anyway, I got her a few days ago, but held off sharing her since lately it's been a doll's introduction each and every day. One after another and I was afraid you guys were going to think I was So I figured I needed to start sharing something other than new dolls to keep you all invested in my blog. But in order to talk about what happened today I need to do another introduction. But this isn't going to be your average introduction, there's more to it!
Anyway, to the doll. What we have here is another Francie. She's joining the other three Francie dolls that I already own. She's a bit different because she's a straight leg doll. The other three are all bent leg dolls. She's one without a TNT waist, or rooted eyelashes. I think that means she's one of the earlier Francie type dolls. (But I could be wrong)
I found her over on Etsy, for a decent price. But I did not rush in to get her (like how I did with Skipper), instead I waited. You see, she has some issues. She has had a hair cut, which is a shame because what's left of her hair is really nice. But that's not a total deal breaker. Even though with my recent disgust over re-rooting I'd be willing to do that to her. I've wanted a titan Francie for a long time (I even posted it on a wish list at the beginning of the blog) and this is the one way I'm going to get one. Plus with her coloring and eyebrow paint she'd look great as a redhead. But she did have another big issue, she has a green spot on her face. It's on her cheek, close to her nose and lips. Roughly the size of a large pin head. Before I bought her, I asked around for advice on how to fix her. I got a lot of feedback, including a woman who e-mailed with a really great in depth response. I doubt she reads this blog, but thanks Linda!
It seemed that my best bet was to use acne cream on the spot. It would take a while, and would bleach out the spot, but it would get rid of the green. So I decided to buy her, since she looked like a really good doll, hair and spot withstanding. She was also pretty cheap (under 20 including shipping), so I decided to get her and try to remove the spot. Even if something happened and it couldn't come off, I could at least use her body for Casey, since hers was in such terrible shape. She arrived quickly after I bought her. And I took some photos of the spot and again asked opinions. That's where I learned that the spot was mold (ick!). So I knew that I had to remove it, ASAP. I did ask to know if any other dolls were in danger of getting mold from her. I was told they were safe, but I still kept her separated just in case. Today I was able to go to Walmart and pick up the Acne cream for her face. It's going to take several weeks in order for it to be able to work and remove the spot. I'm supposed to put the cream on her, and set her aside for several days. After then I'm need to remove the dried cream and replace it. I asked Linda how long it took her on average for when she did this, and she said around three weeks was normal. So I put the cream on Francie's spot (making sure it was only on the spot, it will bleach whatever it's on), and put her away. Right now she's in the box that I use to travel with Charlotte. That way she's out of sight and I'm not checking in on her ever five seconds. I hope it works. I'm going to be taking a picture every time I change the cream, so I can have something to compare it to to see if it's working.
I'll share the picture each time so you guys can see the progress too!

And for the part of Charlotte's Halloween costume, I'm going to be sharing the biggest part, the actual dress. It's made from several familiar patterns. The skirt is made from the same ones as the Steampunk Dress, and the bodice is made from the adapted corset top that I used in both Little Red and the Steampunk outfits. This is made from the fabric I bought the other day at Joanne's just for this project, the only thing I had to purchase for this costume. It went together pretty easily, although I did have some issues. For some reason the neckline wasn't sewing right, so I ended up pulling out all the machine stitching and tacking it down by hand. I also had to redo the waist a few times, but it came out decently. Luckily, because I was in no mood to make another Halloween costume. I love Charlotte, but four times making her a costume was not something I enjoyed doing. So, any guesses yet?

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