Friday, October 14, 2011

Good News!

Okay, maybe just decent news, better than normal news? I went to Walmart yesterday. I haven't been in a while, so I like checking in to see what they've got going on in the doll section. They've revamped it some (no doubt for the upcoming Christmas season). Barbie is still where she is, but they did have some new collector dolls I've never seen in person. Saw the Rock Hudson/Doris Day gift set. He looks really good, she not so much. They don't have a lot of the Barbie Basics on display anymore, I wonder if they are phasing them out. The Monster High dolls have moved. They are no longer on an end cap display. They've been pushed back into the second section of the isle (along with the Bratz dolls). I saw most of the dolls (including the newer Classroom line), but none of the newer characters. They did have several of the "Day at the Maul" fashion packs, but still not the Ghoulia one. Honestly, now that I'm thinking about it, that's the only new thing I'm actively searching for first hand. None of the Barbie fashions I know about excite me at the moment. Even the shoe molds are pretty boring.
Anyway, that's not the interesting part, I also saw that my Walmart was getting it's fabric section back! I knew that they were bringing back fabrics in certain stores, but when our small craft section totally disappeared I was worried that it was the end of all craft related stuff in the stores. But today I saw that it had returned! They were still setting it up when I was there, so I didn't get to see everything. I did see some really interesting cotton prints, some fleece, and some shiny-er fabrics. I plan on getting some of the cotton prints eventually. I wonder how the pricing is going to be. I did see some pink and white dotted swiss, so that gave me hope that eventually they'll have the white and red type I love and covet so much.
But yay for more fabric options!

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  1. hey my friend I know its been a while..enjoy your posts..take care!