Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody!

Not a whole lot of spirited excitement around here, but I have something I wanted to share. A week or so ago I decided to dress everyone on Charlotte's shelf for Halloween. I culled through my clothing collection, and pulled out several different costumes that I've amassed, or made. I did have to do some scrounging (I am extremely limited with Ken and Kelly/Tommy costumes), but I had everyone dressed, except for Charlotte. While I worked on her's I manged to refine several people's costumes for some better options. I think the only people wearing their original choice are Vanessa, Ashely, and Artemis. Everyone else changed at least once, and I think Midge is wearing her fourth or fifth choice.And finally we have our final selections, so in order from left to right back row there's; Vanessa as Snow White (who I could not pass up on that ironic situation), Joe as a Football player, Charlotte as Odette from Swan Lake, Mary Clair as a Genie, and Blaine as a Samurai. Front row; Artemis as an Ax murderer (check out the heads at her feet), Kelly as a mermaid, Ashley as a cat, Tommy as a Cowboy, Midge as a Dutch girl, and Modern Circle as a sexy witch! Also check out the three skulls in the pictures, my Dad found them at a store and bought them for me. I added the hats just for fun. I did take the "Tales of the Hoffmann" dress out for the picture. Usually it's displayed in the front of Midge, slightly to her right. But I figured for the picture I should remove it so everyone can show off their costumes!
And speaking of costumes, I've just told you Charlotte's. She's Odette from the Ballet "Swan Lake", please don't be confused into thinking she's from "Black Swan", she's not. I've always loved "Swan Lake", and thought it would be fitting to make her into Odette from it. This was before I read that "Black Swan" was going to be one of the most popular costumes this year. Anyway, looking at the costume itself it should look familiar. The top is a pattern I've used several times before. It's actually the same top as the Little Dutch girl. It also used the same eyelet material edges as decoration at the neckline as that outfit as well. (I made this one first and ported those elements over to the Dutch girl costume). The sleeves are a combination of patterns. It's the usual sleeve pattern, but at the cuff it flares out. There's more eyelet material there too. The bottom of the sleeves is actually the same as the steampunk cuffs. When I find something that works, I tend to stick with it.
Like I said, I made this top three times before I called it quits. This is the third and final top that I made of it. Originally it had a different tutu. One made from white cotton, a circle skirt, edged with more eyelet material. I actually finished the skirt before I decided I didn't like the outfit in general and moved on to the Dutch costume. I'm holding into the skirt for a later date and possibly for another application. It wasn't until I got that shiny tulle for the Domo project that I decided I wanted to work with this costume again. One of the attempts for the Domo bride I made a skirt of the shiny tulle, but I cut it much too short. There was no volume to the skirt and it just hung there. It was a frustrating mistake, but one that worked out in the long run. I ended up making the skirt again for the domo, and that left me with a length of pre-cut tulle. So I decided to play around with it on this outfit, and I really liked the look. It helps give some sort of variation to the otherwise boring white cotton top. Attaching it was a bit of a challenge. Since the top is so fitted the the tulle is so voluminous I couldn't attach it like I normally do. Instead I made the skirt with some elastic, so it slides up the legs. It originally wasn't attached to the top, but when it was added under the top it made some unsightly ripples in the front. Also it left some annoying gaps on the hips. So I ended up tacking the front of the bodice down to the skirt. I also hidden stitched the skirt and the top together at the sides. It's not the best solution, but it sure works. If I ever made this costume again, I think I'd do something differently to attach the skirt. There's also a piece of ribbon sewed into the skirt front to back to hold the "V" at the bodice to a point. Otherwise it rippled and looked terrible. The Hoffmann dress has this too, but a piece of fabric, not just some ribbon. (Charlotte did have to wear underwear with this thing since the skirt is so sheer.) She's a modest little Ballerina that one!
For accessories, I already owned two of the three things that I needed. The ballet shoes should look familiar, they are the same ones from the "Tales of the Hoffmann" dress. We just borrowed them for this look. The silver tiara is something I bought from Hobby Lobby a while back because it was on sale and looked interesting. I hoped that I would find a use for it, and I finally did! It has a loop on the back and it held onto Charlotte's head with a bobby pin. You can see the end of the pin if you look at the back of Charlotte's ponytail, but most people don't, so I figured that I could get away with it. The wings are new. I bought those the other day at Hobby Lobby just for the outfit. They were 2.29, and aren't the best quality. I know they didn't cost much, but when I bought them I thought they'd be slightly better quality. I'll need to find a decent place to store these when Charlotte's done with them, they are a bit fragile. How they attach is pretty interesting. I was trying to figure out how I was going to put them on before I bought them, but it turns out that they have these paperclip like attachments on the back so you can just slide them into place. They just slide onto the back of the dress. One of the metal backings I had to bend into the curve, it was just originally a straight piece of metal. Luckily they both weren't like that or else I would be wracking my brain trying to figure out how to get them onto the costume. Now I can just take them off and use the costume without the wings if I want to.

I also got this picture posted over on "In the Pink", although I had to cover up Joe and Vanessa's faces. They're not Mattel, so they're not allowed. Although ironically they are both wearing Mattel made clothing, minus Joe's shoes and socks. I quickly made a pumpkin head to cover theirs. Check it out: Also, here's the pumpkin by itself in case anyone want to use him. I'm sure there's better versions out there (this one seriously took like four minutes to make), but if anyone wants to use him, go nuts. Just don't say I never gave you anything.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween!

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