Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's my worst nightmare!

I'm covered in Glitter! It's like a stripper, while doing a craft project exploded in my room.

I'll explain, I was in a bit of a panic today, my sister's wedding is quickly approaching, and I am nowhere near done with her present. And I really can't put off anything at the last minute because my final days before the wedding are going to be filled with those (annoying) Holiday Baskets. And on top of the same baskets as last year, I'm also going to be doing some extra cooking, based off of something my sister requested. (But it's just more Rice Crispy Treats, so it could have been worse.) Also I want to have my time somewhat free in case I get another project handed to me shortly before we leave, like I am anticipating.
So I ended up skipping writing, and worked on her (and her fiance's) present instead. Let me show you what I got for them. I'm not sure if you're familiar with them, but they are called Domo (I guess plural would be Domos?). They're Japanese characters, and I know she and her fiance likes them. A couple years back she talked about getting one in a kilt, but couldn't find one. So I ended up making her one as a Christmas present. She liked it. So when I was decided on a Wedding Present for her, I needed to find something inexpensive and meaningful. Ding, ding, we have a winner! So I found one in Pink and one in Brown and bought them.
That was the easy part. I was planning on dressing them, and this time I wasn't going to do something as simple as a kilt. I was going to do full bride and groom regalia. When I dream, I dream big. Sadly, this dream meant that I was going to have to draft a pattern for each piece of clothing. And since these Domos (Domi? Domeces?) don't share any sizes with what I usually sew for, I couldn't even use any of those patterns as a starting point.
I did try to work with them when I first got them. I started off with the Bride Domo, since I thought it would be the most fun. (Fun is a relative term.) I was going to make it even more difficult because I wanted to pad the top of the bodice. Give her some body definition. Plus I have a funny joke that goes along with it, that I must make! But this meant that I was going to have to do bust darts, as well as line the back in order to keep the cotton padding inside. I made one pattern that I quickly discarded. When I made the second one, I actually used Barbie's vintage bodice, just with some major modifications. (Just don't tell Barbie that.) She and the Bride Domo have the same cup size... ha! But even with a working pattern, it was still hard to make. I think I've made... five of these tops, each worse than the last.
I won't lie, I was amazingly frustrated around mid day. I was at the point that I could and would have snapped at anyone who talked to me. Luckily, nobody did, so I didn't have to apologize to anyone. After lunch I decided to take it slow and work on just the veil. Something simple that would give me confidence that I could sew. And it came out pretty decently, although I was going to add some ribbon roses, but I could not find them. I tore apart the room, looking in every logical place, and several illogical places. But no luck. I guess I'll have to keep looking for them. But I ended up giving it one more shot... and this time it went better. Not perfect but better. I learned a lot from allllllll of the failed attempts. And I got most of the dress done. I just need to sew the second snap, and sew up the back hem, as well as sew the blue garter. The last thing I did today was hand sew the purple ribbon around the bodice. (Purple is my Sister's favorite color.) But yeah, that shiny glitter tulle? Sheds like a dog in 120 degree heat. Just unrolling it from the roll gives off a shower of glitter. It's everywhere, all over me, all over my sewing machine, all over my desk. I even saw that the top of the stairs are covered in glitter from when I went down there. I'm going to be cleaning that junk up for a while! But at least the bride is mostly done, now I just have to work on the groom.
More fun times ahead, more fun times.

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  1. Well you know they say glitter is the herpes of the craft world. But I love the idea!