Thursday, October 13, 2011

The last but not the least...

Now it's time for the final introduction of the dolls I traded for. I believe I've strung you guys out long enough for this. This final doll was a doll that really started this trade, and the one I was most excited in getting. When I first found her, I knew that I needed her in the collection. After I found her and sent my e-mail for a trade I kept checking back on the site time after time, hoping she wouldn't sell before I was able to set up a trade for her. I would hold my breath each time the page loaded, wondering if this time she'd be on hold and out of my grasp, but she never was! She was still for sale when I sent the list of what I wanted for trades, then she was mine all mine!
The doll? The foreign exclusive Malibu Barbie. From what I know she was released in Europe and Canada. (But she might have just been a German exclusive in Europe, my knowledge of this doll is limited). She's different from the U.S. version in one way really, her face paint. She is made from Stacey's head mold like the traditional Malibu Barbie, but her face paint is more like how Mattel painted Stacey. You know how most face molds have the guide lines for the eyes? Well, her eyes are painted using the eye mold marks as where the eyes should be, compared to Malibu Barbie who paints over the traditional eyes. Basically she's like Stacey, but with a Malibu makeover. I've heard people call her Malibu Stacey, and I really think that's a fitting name for her. I think she's going to be called that around here, since I already have two Malibu Barbie.
Also different than the original Malibu Barbie is her head. Not just the face paint, but the material it's made from. Stacey here (as I dubbed her) has a hard plastic head. There's absolutely no give to it whatsoever. It's actually a bit smaller than Malibu Barbie's head, and my actual Stacey's head. I assume that's from using the hard plastic to make it. I needed to soak it in boiling water in order to take off her head. And I needed to do that so I could give her a body swap. Stacey here came with one of those bodies with the straight arms that they were using in the 80's and early 90's. The palm facing back paddle arms. I remember them from childhood. I hate those hands, they are so limited in their movements and look so awkward. I've never liked them, even Charlotte started out on one of the bent arm bodies. And I would certainly never allow one into the collection now if I had my say. So I bought another Malibu Barbie from the seller with a messed up head, and a decent body with the "Mexico" arms. And I did a body swap. It was good because Stacey's hair was bent from being in a ponytail, and the boiling water straightened it. Her new body does have some of the plastic on one leg peeling, but it's high enough on the leg her clothes will cover it. Besides, her original body suffered from that issue as well, and it was worse.
I should say that her original swimsuit is different from Malibu Barbie's blue one. It's a orange/pink patterned one. It's also rare since it was only issued with her. She actually came with it, but it was in rough shape, missing lots of threads, but I still hung it up in the vintage clothes closet, it is rare after all. She's going to be dressed in something else. We're not one to wear our swimsuits all the time around here.
She is my only Foreign exclusive doll, and with my budget, the only one for a while. I was only able to get her because she was such a deal. I wasn't even thinking about getting her until I found her. She'll fit in well with my Malibu Doll collection (even though she's not from Japan). I'd say she's the one of rarest of the Malibu's, only beaten by Japanese Malibu Francie. I guess I can cross her off the "to get" list for the Malibu dolls. If only she was on it in the first place.
All I need now is; Skipper, Francie, P.J., Christie, and Ken... basically everyone!

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