Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mom's Mask

Okay, you may remember how I was talking about how I was cleaning out the crawlspace at my Grandparents when I was up north. Well, while it was a terrible, annoying job there was a silver lining. Because when I was doing that, I found this:It was alone on the floor wedged between two boxes, a rather inconspicuous thing, something the average person would have quickly glossed over, or even worse, thrown out. But I found it, and was super excited to do so.
You know why? It's vintage Barbie. It's the diving mask from 1964's Barbie Skin Diver, and more importantly, it was my mother's. I don't have anything from my mother's and aunt's childhood collection, it had all been given away or thrown out well before I was collecting (or even born). I wouldn't have even had this if it wasn't lost in the crawlspace way back when.
I asked my mother about it, and she remembered the outfit from actually playing with it. She specifically remembered the flippers since they were of a squishy plastic and she liked playing with them, and the little snorkel since it was so small and realistic.
So this came home with me, and while it's not my usual style, it's certainly a part of the collection that means a great deal to me. I plan on collecting the rest of the outfit just because of this. I doubt I'll actually display it on someone, but I will display the outfit proudly, like I do with the Solo in the Spotlight dress I have.
So sometimes the smallest things can mean the most!

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