Monday, October 10, 2011

My Second Doll of the Trade... sort of

This doll is a little different from the others in one aspect, I paid for her compared to trading like I did with the other dolls. She was the most expensive of my purchases, totaling at fifteen dollars on her own. I could have traded for her and her alone, but I really wanted some of the other stuff from the seller. Luckily I had enough money to buy her (and pay for the extra shipping), so I was able to get everything I really wanted. (Even though there's still stuff I want, but I'm greedy like that!)
But enough talking about how I got her, let's see some pictures! Here you go:
From the pictures you can see she's a brunette bubblecut. And she's my second brunette bubblecut, I got my first brunette bubblecut last Christmas, and you should remember how I like having like dolls to balance each other out in the collection. Now I can do that with her. So even though I like that happening, there's a real reason why I wanted her... I adore her face. I must admit, bubblecuts are not my favorite hairstyles, there's not much you can do with them. But they tend to be the cheaper of vintage Barbie's which is why I have six of them. But with her, there was just something so lovely about her face that I knew that I needed her in the collection. And that was just from seeing her in a small photo, I had to be hopeful that she would live up to my ideals.
But she does! She is an amazing doll. My best condition bubblecut, which is ironic since she was one of the cheapest ones I have. Her face paint is beautiful, with full pouty lips. The only issue is the eyebrow rubs that usually happen. She has a couple dings on her nose, but they're not that noticeable. Her arms are a little swingy, but I can deal with that. She even has all her fingers, and nail polish, even on her toes. Just a really great doll. She might be my favorite bubblecut in the collection.
I'm not sure how to dress her yet. For a while she was wearing the dress to Suburban Shopper since that was a dress I packed for Charlotte when I was in CT, and the only one I had that fit her at the time. I liked it on her, but wanted to make something for her.
So add another one to the redress list!

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