Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ricky's Introduction

Okay, I've been just dreadful about doing the introductions of the dolls in the header, but it's just not fun. It's a lot of typing, and the last time I did one (this one in fact), blogger messed up and totally wiped everything I had written. I had most of it written, and just needed clean up, then boom, it was gone. Have to redo it all over again. Which is why I'm so hesitant to write another one.
Anyway, today's introduction is about Ricky. He's the second pictured in the header, between the "A" and "B" of A Bit of Aubrey's Mind. His story is one that I've already told. He came from the same lot of dolls that I bought from that woman on Etsy when I got my blonde Midge, Honey. You can read that on her introduction; Honey. I've always wanted a Ricky doll. In my odd desire to have a variety of Barbie and friends in the collection, he was one of the dolls that I wanted to get. Especially since I had Skipper and Skooter, and was just missing him. After that I'd have all the vintage Skipper and Friend dolls. But he was not as easily found as the others. He was not as common, so his prices were a little bit out of my price range. So I let it go, and focused more on dolls that I could afford. When Shirley sent me the list of dolls she had, Ricky was one of them on it, and I was sure interested in him. If I remember correctly he ended up being 24 dollars. He arrived wearing just his original swim trunks. Like the other dolls, he too stunk of smoke. So he got the sitting in a box with baking powder like the rest of them did. He was one of the first ones to stop smelling. I guess because his hair is painted there was less for the smoke to cling too. The other dolls still have a minor smoke smell if you sniff their hair. It's minor, but still there.
He really is a great doll, smoke withstanding. His face paint is great and vibrant. He has no hair rubs or anything. I doubt that he got a lot of play, if any. When he got here for the original welcome photo (also viewable at Honey's page), he wore Skipper's jeans, and Todd's shirt and jacket. That was just for the photo. Everything he was wearing belonged to someone else, and they took it back once the photo was shot. That left him with just his original swim trunks. If I remember correctly he was one of the first dolls from that group dressed. And it was not easy, I did not have any Skipper sized patterns, and this was the very start of my sewing for dolls.
To dress him, I had to adapt some patterns. He ended up with some tan colored pants. Made from a re-sized Ken pattern and some fabric remnant from Walmart. This was one of my first attempts at making pants, and they came out pretty decently. For his shirt, he got a turtleneck made from a green shirt of mine that the cat had wrecked. This was the start of me making the turtlenecks, so the majority of the dolls from that group ended up wearing them, several of them are still wearing them in fact. He got some of the usual Barbie sneakers that Skipper's in the collection get to wear. His are different because they have the paint to make them look like saddle shoes. It was painful to take them away from Charlotte to give to him, but she has her own pair now. And with that, he was dressed.
And he's been wearing that for a while now. Although, he did change his shirt for a bit. When I got that "leather" jacket from the Skipper Pedro gifted me, he wore it for a little bit. I even made him his own t-shirt to go under it. But he's since gone back the the turtleneck. And that's really about it for Ricky. He lives on the top vintage shelf, near Malibu Barbie, countering Skooter on the other side of the shelf. He has a dollar store stand so he can stand and I think he looks great there. He's really one of the dolls that help make that shelf feel complete and varied.
He'll always be my first Ricky!

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