Friday, October 28, 2011

Shopping fun!

Just like the day before, not a whole lot of sewing getting done. Don't have a lot of projects in mind, and I'm still avoiding those Domos. I really need to get around to working on them some more, but I just really don't want to. It's just not fun to me. Plus since they're for someone else, I want them to be perfect, and they're not going to be. I've never had anything come out perfectly from sewing. I know I'll get around to working on them soon, I just need to suck it up and do it!

But I didn't sit around loafing all day. I also went shopping! I hit up all three second hand stores, and didn't get a thing. I did see some cool stuff though. The Christian Second Hand store has gotten these really old marionettes. Not sure where they came from and how much they cost, but it was still cool seeing something like that.
I did end up getting something at Hobby Lobby, several things in fact. Since (fake) Christmas is coming up I really needed to get the rest of my supplies for the baskets. We were really not in that great of a shape for it, but now we are making progress. Today we got two pounds of white chocolate and two pounds of milk chocolate. I also picked up something for Charlotte's Halloween costume and some thin black ribbon. Elsewhere we picked up more marshmallows, a huge tube of quick oats, and some peppermint candy.
After today we're all set with the cookies, the peppermint bark, and the rice crispy treats. Still have to pick up several things for the final two things in the basket, but we are making decent progress! I guess I won't be shopping for things on the forth to start cooking on the fifth.
Back at home I had to reoganize where I was storing my supplies. They're in my room so I know where they are at all times. But I've run out of room in my closet! I ended up taking a plastic tote from elsewhere and filling it with all the supplies. Sadly it's now full. Did you know I have five boxes of crispy rice cereal? And eight bags of marshmallows? Sadly, I think I'm going to need all of them, and I don't even get to eat them!
Okay... maybe a few...

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