Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Similar to yesterday's post...

All right, for today's sharing item I have some explaining to do. You may remember my talking about the dolls that were coming into the collection in September, a grand total of five. Which is actually less compared to recent months when there's been a massive influx invasion of new dolls. Like I said I was trying to ease myself out of this cycle of getting so many dolls, so five was my cap, and all of those dolls were from things that started at the end of the last month.
Anyway, one of those things was from a trade. A found a website of someone who was selling some vintage dolls at a really nice price, and the best thing is that they did trades, but not for dolls, but for animation cels. Specifically My Little Pony cels. I'm not sure if you know this, I'm a huge animation nerd, love, love, love it. A few summers ago I went into a huge cel buying phase and purchased some, usually Disney whenever my budget could afford it. I also found and bought some My Little Pony and Conan the Barbarian cels, locally in New Hampshire (where I was going to school at the time). Now I bought them because they were local, but not because I wanted them. They moved with me, but I stuck them into the closet. But now I had a chance to turn them into something I could actually use.
So I e-mailed back and forth with the seller, and we worked out a trade. I was getting 15 dollars of goods from her site, for my cels. I paid 16 for them, but I could take the loss of a dollar to get the stuff out of my closet and get more stuff for the collection. From that 15 dollars I got several nice things, and I did end up buying something else I wanted separately. Anyway, I was waiting for this stuff to arrive in the mail when I was forced to go up to Connecticut. I hoped that it would arrive before I left, but no such luck. I have such bad luck when it comes to getting stuff from Canada, really I do. Anyway, it arrived when I was up there, so my Dad brought it up when he came to get me. So at least I had something to play with in the car.
Including the dolls I also got some shoes. (I'll share the dolls in later posts) I still had a little money left over from the dolls I got and wanted to get all my 15 dollars worth, plus you know my shoe addiction. So these are the shoes I got:From left to right we have a pair of dark blue superstar style pumps. They are unmarked, so I'm not really sure if they are actual Mattel or not. They're cute, and fit a variety of dolls, so they could find themselves on someone in the collection. They are hard plastic, so I'd have to be careful of splitting, and I'm not sure if they stain or not. There's a couple dark marks on the other shoes that I'm not sure if they were on that originally, or just from being packaged with the blue shoes. After that we have a pair of white sneakers. These are not the typical sneaker mold. They are more like the vintage Barbie sneakers, but not exactly. They're squishy which is nice since they're a bit smaller than the usual sneakers, but still fit Charlotte. Right now Ricky is wearing them just because. Some child wrote KW on the bottom of each of them in black sharpie, so they were cheaper, but the initials don't bother me, like I said they're on the bottom. Next is a pair of the usual white Barbie sneakers. These are the regular types, also squishy with the initials on the bottom. I know I can use these since I have several people wearing them in the collection already. And after that we have a pair of those white pumps. Again, nothing new since I have two pairs of these already, which I love. I know I can find a use for them. They have a few dark spots on them, but I didn't pay much for them, so it's not big of a deal.
But yay for shoes that I know I can use!
And I promise this will be the last shoe post for a bit, I promise!

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