Thursday, October 20, 2011

Some Halloween Updates (A New Beginning)

First off, thank you everyone for commiserating with me over yesterday's post. Today's been better, although I'm still dreading and dreading this wedding more with each bit of passing news. But I'm sure I'll survive it, and I'm sure bringing Charlotte. I'll need my little plastic support system more than ever up there! (Ew, that sounds gross.)
On the topic of Charlotte, I've been working on her Halloween costume lately. I thought about skipping it this year and just jumping ahead to Christmas, but with the fact I'm waiting for some supplies to go on sale at Hobby Lobby and with my own lack of ideas for dressing the naked dolls, I have some free time. It's either that or sit around complaining that I can't think of anything. So I decided to make her something for the holiday. Except, I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to make. Charlotte's an odd one with costumes because unlike the average person (or doll), she wears costumes whenever she feels like it. She's rarely bound to conventional clothes like normal people (or dolls). I mean this year she got the Tales of the Hoffmann ballet dress, and the Regency dress, not a whole lot of practical use out of either of those really. She doesn't wait for Holidays to wear unusual clothes. So I wanted to make her something new, something that was cute and not just a rehash of the "Little Red Riding Hood" outfit.
And I did think of something (eventually), and I worked on it. I started off with a drawing, then moved onto actually making it. I made it three different times, and three different way before I finally had to face facts. What I was making, just wasn't working. It was missing the "it" factor. So like last year I ended up scrapping my first attempt for Charlotte's Halloween costume. This one was a little more painful since it was a bit more labor intensive, and I made it THREE TIMES! But even I must cut my losses eventually.
When I finally gave up on that mess of a costume, I needed to find another one to make for her. It didn't take me long to think of another costume. I had actually attempted something similar to what I was thinking before, and it didn't pan out. I was ready to try it again with some of the new techniques that I had learned since then. And I have been working on it... but it's a surprise. Remember last year when I shared a piece a day and made you guess for it? Well guess what's happening again... exactly that!
Okay, for our first shared item of the costume, it's going to be something old. Here we have a pair of extremely high socks. They're supposed to be tights because my tight pattern was a bit saggy, and I couldn't be bothered to fix them, these are easier. I believe I made them for Charlotte's Harlequin costume (See, there's another costume!). I do have the tights from "Little Red Riding Hood", I just don't care for them. If she ever wore that costume again, she'd use these socks for it as well. It's something that ties the two costumes together. Makes it a cohesive collection. (Sorry, I've been watching Project Runway.) Actually there's a lot this new costume has in common with last years costume and the Steampunk outfit. Am I really that predictable?

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