Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vintage Ken

Okay, time for our first of the introductions of the dolls that I traded for. Up first we have this Vintage Ken. For some reason I have a connection with painted haired brunette Kens, probably because it was the one that my mother had as a child, and she's always spoken so highly of him. I mean, there's three of that type alone in the collection, the most of any one type of male dolls. So when I saw this one on the site, I wanted him. Even though I really don't need anymore male dolls. But he was inexpensive, certainly part of the dolls that I collect, and very handsome.
So I traded for him. He has a few issues. He has a small stain on his hip (very small), a few pin marks on his right foot, and a minor hair rub on front. Actually the hair rub made him more likeable to my Mom, her Ken had that. He however does not have the back scratches her Ken had. But really, these are very minor issues, he's really a great doll. His face paint is really great, with only one minor chip to his eyebrow.
And so I have another Ken, and have no idea how to dress him. I mean I just dressed another vintage Ken that I had on the list for months then I go get another one... when will I learn?
It's TNT Skipper all over again, all over again.

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